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Raising a dog is like a rainbow…



Winter colds 

The winter cold has hit us pretty hard at the moment, well the boys and I, Madelyn and Stephen seem to be fine. Harry who first brought the cold into our household is worst of all.

I snapped this photo only a few minutes ago of Harry sound asleep on the couch and Dexter siting on top of him – watching over his sick little brother. 

If I didn’t have to pick Madelyn up from rehearsal, that’s where I too would be fast asleep on the other couch. 

Dogs are family



I was driving somewhere the other day and when I stopped at the lights, I noticed two sets of eyes and two noses peering out of a black box (or so it seemed) attached to the back of the car in front of me. 

Even though the dogs were far safer in that black box than some of the dogs I see riding all alone in the back of a Utes unrestrained, I still couldn’t help thinking how sad they looked and I couldn’t help wondering why they couldn’t be in the actual car with their person. Dogs are family, family should be together!!