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I had a lovely catch up with a good friend today that sadly I don’t get to see as much as I would like. We have been friends for many years, our kids have grown up together and even though they may not be as close as they once were, once we all get together we just seem to pick up where we last left of, as if time has not passed at all. I think friendships like this are rare and special and need to be cherished.





Happy Birthday Nut


Yesterday we celebrated Nut’s 8th birthday with a Hawaiian themed birthday party. All the dogs dressed up in colourful lays, so did some of the guests,and we all enjoyed drinking PiƱa Colada’s (non alcoholic Of course in the children’s case) and eating yummy food and having a wonderful time.

The birthday boy got spoilt with gifts and treats as did the other dogs even though it wasn’t their birthday.

I know that for some people it is strange to host a party for a dog but in my family it is just something we like to do. Any excuse to get together with our beloved pets, which are valued family members, is always well received and a great time is generally had by all.

So Happy Birthday Nut, I hope you had a great night, Dexter was thoroughly exhausted when we go home, and has spent most of today sleeping.












Pink Sheep


In New Zealand they painted the sheep pink for breast cancer awareness week and because they were so popular they have decided to keep them this way as a permanent feature.

A part of me feels unsure about this. Obviously the dye they have used must be safe or else the RSPCA would have been all over this. But is it right? Is it fair to the sheep?

Would I dye my pets fur? No I wouldn’t.

Have I dressed up my pets in cute dress ups? Yes I have.

In fact my toy poodle Dolly was always wearing cute doggie jumpers and had ribbons in her hair and sparkley dog collars. Was that fair to her? In hindsight I guess probably not. She wasn’t fussed by it though and neither do the sheep in New Zealand appear to be.

I was a lot younger when I had Dolly, I guess the older I get the less I worry about vanity and the more important comfort becomes. I suppose I’d rather feel good now than look good. Does that sound bad?

Space Dress up Day


Space dress up day at my kids primary school today. Honestly, sometimes I think that teachers come up with these days almost as a challenge to see what parents can come up with.

My twins are chalk and cheese, one loves to dress up, gets right into things like this, but the other does not like to draw any sort of attention to himself at all, which means dress ups like this are just not his cup of tea.

As for me, well I’m normally running 5 minutes late especially in the mornings, its the story of my life I’m afraid, so dress up days like today mean last minute frantic scurrying through wardrobes and draws pulling out anything that could remotely resemble todays space theme .

This mornings findings consisted of a silvery top probably left over from old disco days, that my daughter wore over black leggings and black top. The outfit was finished off with a silver headband left over from last Christmas.

As for my son, well he wore his regular clothes however we kept them neutral in colour opting for grey this time, and he teamed that up with a hand made flag he whipped up on the kitchen bench and went as a self proclaimed astronaut.

The day turned out to be a huge success, and this mornings madness paid off. The reward, two happy, smiling, cheeky children, so that makes me one very content mum.