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Happiness is an inside job



Smart Dog Collar


Saw this on Facebook today and of course had to share. A dog collar that can tell you how your animal is feeling. This new smart dog collar promises to tell owners when their pets are feeling happy – and TEXT them when they are sad.

Apparently this invention is designed to monitor the temperature, heart rate and breathing activities of our precious pets. So worried families will be able to tell when their pooches are sick, hungry, or just a bit down in the dumps.

The PetPace smart dog collar has sensors built into the hi-tech device which are similar to those used by athletes to keep a close eye on their health. The collar can also monitor how many calories have been burned in a day and can detect if an animal is in pain by assessing physical and behavioural signs. This kind of monitoring system veterinarians agree could be very helpful in the diagnosis and management of disease.

This hi-tech invention will go on sale in Britain next year for $150, or around £90. What do you think is think???