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Work placement 

My hubby is starting his job placement tomorrow!! It’s rather exciting but also a little scary. After years of working in the shipping industry he has decided to change his career and is currently working his way through a certificate 3 in aged care. Tomorrow will be his first real day on the job,so to speak. Fingers crossed he enjoys it. I’m hoping it will be all he imagines it to be and more. Many people are offered employment during their placement, that’s what we are hoping for.Hopefully I’ll have good news to share in the next few weeks. 


New Zealand here we come!!! 

Feeling very excited tonight, my sister and I just booked our next holiday to New Zealand!!! Yay!! 

After returning from our amazing trip to Italy and Dubai we just couldn’t wait to plan our next holiday away.
We have so many places on our bucket list that we have yet to visit, and New Zealand was just one of them. 

It’s only for a few days and only the two of us going this time, but I’m sure it will be an amazing experience, and the best part is I get to share it with my best friend who is also my sister.

I can’t say I know a lot about New Zealand or Auckland which is where we are headed but I plan on finding out as much as I can. Can’t wait!!!! 



Well this is it!! The moment is finally here!! Italy here we come!!!

After months of planning, waiting and counting down, the moment has finally arrived!! Tomorrow we leave Melbourne bound for beautiful warm Rome!!

I will have so much to tell you all when I get back, so many photos and memories to share.

Stay safe see you all in a few weeks. 

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