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Herman the German Friendship cake – finished

Well believe it or not I have managed to keep Herman The German Friendship cake alive for 10 whole days and this morning I finally got to baking.

Instead of making Herman into a cake though, I decided to be a little adventurous and make him into muffins because that way it would be easier to share.

I also substituted the apples, raisins and cinnamon for cocoa and choc chips.

The end product was I am told very tasty , however true to form I did burn my cupcakes but I was able to quickly camouflage that with some choc icing .

It has been a lot of fun having Herman around, and the kids have loved it too. If you are lucky enough to be offered a Herman the German Friendship Cake like I was, take the challenge, it is a rewarding experience one I will remember fondly.





Herman the German Sourdough friendship cake

Herman the friendship cake

Today I was given a friendship cake!! His name is Herman and he is a German sourdough cake that is past on by friends.

So how it works is this, my friend Tasi gave me Herman in a plastic container along with a print out of the instructions that I need to follow.

On day one Herman needs to be placed in a large mixing bowl and covered loosely with a tea towel, for the next two days Herman must be stirred (if Herman stops bubbling he will die) on day four Herman gets hungry so you must feed him with a cup of plain flour a cup of sugar and a cup of milk. On day five, six, seven and eight stir him again. On day 9 divide Herman into four equal portions one for you to cook, and three to pass on to friends.
On day ten finishing preparing your Herman cake, cook and enjoy.

What an awesome concept, a friendship cake that is not only yummy but fun as well.

It’s only day one for our Herman the German Sourdough cake and the whole family is happy to have him here, let’s just hope we don’t kill him.