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Teenage boys 

Teenage sons are such a challenge!! They can have you pounding your head against the wall in  frustration. For some mysterious reason they can not comprehend how some things in life are very important and need to be addressed in a timely manner.

I am talking about the work experience forms that were sent home two weeks ago but never actually made it home. The same forms that needed to be handed back last Friday. 
So now I have the forms – I collected them myself from student services on Monday but now the struggle has begun to look for a place that will take him on. 
I know this is his thing, he needs to be the one looking, this concerns his schooling, his future, but I am also a realist so I realise that left to his own devices this will never happen. He just does not consider it important enough for the moment.
So I find myself wondering how does one get through to a teenage boy?  Any suggestions?? 

WordPress update a big fail

Ok I know I am probably the last person on earth to update WordPress only to find the the new so called improved update is just terrible!! I have ended up with three accounts all identical mind you, and for some unexplainable reason I can only see freshly pressed posts and not all the others that I love to read so much.

I’m hoping that it will soon be all rectified, but if anyone has any suggestions I would be happy to try anything. For the time being I am only able to read posts that I subscribe to via email 😞😳😞


Jumping through hoops

I have been trying to get my son a Tax File number issued so that he can start looking at getting a part time job.

Although school is the number one priority, it is also important for him to learn that money does not grow on trees and that in order to be able to afford all the things he wants (xbox games, new phone, a car ) he will need to not only work hard but also save hard.

Getting a tax file number in Australia has proven to be harder than I first thought. First you need to apply for your Tax File Number on line and then you need to present at the correct post office (not all Post Offices will do) with your print out from the Taxation office along with all of these originals (not copies) of documentation, the blood of a virgin and the feather of a Phoenix. (Well that’s what it felt like anyway).

Tomorrow I will try again and hopefully this time I will have all the paperwork they need and we can finally get the ball rolling.

If the form says you must have three proof documents or your tax file number in order to apply on your child’s behalf, and you give them your tax file number how can they then turn around and say no we don’t accept that, what the??

Ok well tomorrow is another day, clearly I’m just frustrated. Sweet dreams everyone

Shopping with Tweens

Shopping is a woman’s favourite pastime, this is an indisputable fact, however shopping with tween daughters is not the most enjoyable thing I must say. My daughter is 12 and we have been looking and looking and trying on dress after dress after dress in search of the perfect grade six Graduation dress with no success.

The dresses I like she doesn’t, the ones she likes well I just don’t. What makes it extra hard is finding anything in her size, the dresses we have looked at have either been way too big and therefore do not sit right or look good for that matter, or too kiddy looking, she is after all almost a teenager and the thought of buying a dress from the children’s section just mortifies her.

But we are running out of time, most of the girls already have their dresses so the pressure is well and truly on now. I have been thinking about trying the internet next but I’m worried about sizes and shopping on line. Any suggestions??



The homework battle

I am so sick and tired of the homework battle!!!! Why is it so hard to get the message through to teenagers that school work is important, in fact at this point of their lives it is the most important thing.

Every day when my teenage son comes out of school I ask him the very same question, “do you have any homework?” And everyday I get the same reply “no” sometimes I will also get “I did it at school”

Today after basketball training I hear from friends that there are in fact three pieces of homework due tomorrow and to make matters worse his iPad is not working and needs to be reset to factory settings.

So here I am having confiscated all the gaming controllers in the house, his laptop and any other electrical gadget that could cause distraction, trying to bite my tongue while I wrestle with the dilemma of whether or not I should write a note to get him out of trouble tomorrow, and If I do, is that just enabling him to continue disregarding his homework?

Internet speed at snails pace


So our internet speed is painfully slow, so slow, in fact that it barely registers on the speed test app thingy my son downloaded for me to prove his point.

I have questioned the speed of our service before, as well as our network coverage and have been assured repeatedly by Telstra that we are in a high speed location and from what they can see we should have fast fabulous coverage throughout the home which alas we do not.

There are five of us using the internet at any given time, sometimes I wonder if this could be the reason for the lag. Apparently I can purchase this special device that should give us five bars for five devices, but I can’t help but be skeptical. We already have a repeater in the boys room which quite frankly does not seem to be doing much. Why would this new device be any different?

What a disgrace


The Herald Sun published the above article yesterday stating that from now on pet owners will not be able to go looking through the RSPCA s animal shelter/pound searching for their lost pet. They will instead have to produce a photo of said pet as proof of identity.

How ridiculous! What if the animal has been injured or groomed differently. The logic behind the RSPCA decision is that this is for the protection of the animals. How so??

This will no doubt lead to even more animals not being reclaimed, even more animals that will inevitably wind up being put down.