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Teenage boys 

Teenage sons are such a challenge!! They can have you pounding your head against the wall in  frustration. For some mysterious reason they can not comprehend how some things in life are very important and need to be addressed in a timely manner.

I am talking about the work experience forms that were sent home two weeks ago but never actually made it home. The same forms that needed to be handed back last Friday. 
So now I have the forms – I collected them myself from student services on Monday but now the struggle has begun to look for a place that will take him on. 
I know this is his thing, he needs to be the one looking, this concerns his schooling, his future, but I am also a realist so I realise that left to his own devices this will never happen. He just does not consider it important enough for the moment.
So I find myself wondering how does one get through to a teenage boy?  Any suggestions??