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Kids are such a blessing

I had totally forgotten how much fun having a young child can be! How much they want to interact with you, it’s like they have energiser batteries inside them and they can’t stop bouncing around, talking non stop and wanting to play and explore.

We looked after a friends little girl today, she is seven years old and she is as cute as a button! I know I said we looked after her, but in actual fact it was my Madelyn who did all the work, Madelyn played with her, adjusted the height of her stool, showed her how to jump through the hula hoop and did endless cartwheels with her.

Later on we all took Dexter for a walk, and that was an adventure in itself. Everything was new and fascinating, every ledge we came across needed to be climbed, every spiky flower touched. There were squeals of delight at every turn.

By the time she went home we were all exhausted but filled with such enthusiasm. The twins asked me if they had been like that when they were seven? Absolutely!! No wonder I was exhausted! Twins are twice the joy, twice the fun! How lucky was I!


Another year older

Another year older, I would like to be able to say wiser, but somehow I don’t think so, I may be forty five now but I still feel like I did twenty years ago, of course I wish I still looked the same but alas no. I spent the day celebrating my birthday with the people I love most in the world, my family. The sun was shining, everyone was relaxed and happy, there was champagne and nice food, what more could a girl possibly ask for?

I have really been thoroughly spoilt with many beautiful birthday messages and presents from my amazing friends and extended family. My mum outdid herself again and made me the most decadent chocolate birthday cake, unfortunately we were all too full to enjoy it, but I’m sure tomorrow the girls at work will be happy when I take in left over cake to share.





Herman the German Sourdough friendship cake

Herman the friendship cake

Today I was given a friendship cake!! His name is Herman and he is a German sourdough cake that is past on by friends.

So how it works is this, my friend Tasi gave me Herman in a plastic container along with a print out of the instructions that I need to follow.

On day one Herman needs to be placed in a large mixing bowl and covered loosely with a tea towel, for the next two days Herman must be stirred (if Herman stops bubbling he will die) on day four Herman gets hungry so you must feed him with a cup of plain flour a cup of sugar and a cup of milk. On day five, six, seven and eight stir him again. On day 9 divide Herman into four equal portions one for you to cook, and three to pass on to friends.
On day ten finishing preparing your Herman cake, cook and enjoy.

What an awesome concept, a friendship cake that is not only yummy but fun as well.

It’s only day one for our Herman the German Sourdough cake and the whole family is happy to have him here, let’s just hope we don’t kill him.




Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody, hope you all managed to fill your bags with goodies galore. Unfortunately this year my boys decided they were too old (as if there could ever be such a thing) to go trick or treating, but Madelyn and her friends dressed up and had a ball.



Ice Bar

Yesterday I visited Melbourne’s Ice Bar. For those of you that are not familiar with the Ice bar, let me elaborate. The ice bar is a bar like no other where the temperatures are a freezing 8 degrees below zero. Where everything is made entirely of ice. The seats, the tables, the ice sculptures, the entertaining ice hockey table, even the glasses where the cocktails are served are made of ice.

In order to be able to stand to be inside the ice bar you need to be rugged up in these super warm water proof ponchos, wearing ski gloves and ugg boots.

It was a really fun night, like no other. We had dinner in the quaint little Inuet restaurant next door which was just as lovely, lots of different flavours, nice ambience, and finished off the night at the Lindt chocolate shop sipping on mocha and eating yummy macaroons.

Almost makes you wish the weekend didn’t have to end, doesn’t it?














I am loving my boxing class! Never in a million years would I have ever picked myself as someone who would enjoy boxing and yet here I am. Boxing makes me sweat more than anything else, more than Zumba (which I also love), more than jogging, more than the 30 day Facebook AB challenge. Boxing makes my shoulders and my legs feel stiff. The day after my first boxing session I could barely pull my jeans up. Yet despite all this the buzz, that feeling of exhilaration that I get after each session makes it all worthwhile.

I am lucky that the mixed session that I attend is filled with really nice people, everyone of them is lovely and helpful and just adds to the whole positive experience. If you are looking for a fun (please note I use the word fun loosely make no mistake boxing is extremely hard work) and liberating form of exercise than you must give boxing a try.

74 Sleeps till Christmas

Today Melbourne put on its most glorious weather yet, it was a stunning 29 degrees!! My children took advantage of the warm weather and hit mum and dad’s pool, braving the cold water they had fun swimming and splashing around.

But it would not be Melbourne if the weather stayed like this, so as you rightly guessed tomorrow it is going to be a chilly 15 degrees, wet, windy, nothing like today at all!!

Feels strange that we are so close to the end of another year. The race to wrap things up at work and at school has begun, everything seems to be about the end of the year and all the events leading up to it. With only 74 sleeps till Christmas I can’t help feeling a little bit of panic knowing that there is still so much to do.





Smile it’s Friday

I love Fridays!!! No matter how many times I say it, it just won’t be enough. Fridays mean casual dress and lots of fun at work. Fridays mean takeaway food or going out for dinner. Catching up with friends and family. Fridays are homework free. There is wine on Friday nights and sometimes like tonight there is a romantic chick flick on. Friday brings with it the promise of a much coveted sleep In. What’s not to like? If I had things my way everyday would be Friday.