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Last day of primary school

Today was the last day of primary school for my twins. As of next year they will be heading off to high school embarking on the next phase of their lives.

The future is exciting and filled with so many possibilities. All I could think of was how it had felt waking them into the school on their first day of prep. How excited they had been and how nervous, it’s like we have come full circle in 6 weeks I will be waking them into high school. How quickly the time has passed.

To signify the end of the year, the school hosted an all school assembly and all the Grade 6 children got to stand up the front and perform their grade 6 graduation song which this year was Justice Crew’s Que Sera.

There were many tears shed, mainly by the mums.

Grade 6 ended with a bang at the after party where the kids got to sing and dance and take lots of selfies.








The end of another era

The end of another era!! My babies have their grade 6 graduation today and as I sit waiting in the amphitheater with all the other parents and grandparents I can’t help thinking how surreal all this feels.

It feels like only yesterday that I was waking them in for their first day of prep.

There is a buzz of excitement in the theatre as we wait for our children to step out onto the stage. The lights are dim the performance is about to begin, where are the tissues?









Shopping with Tweens

Shopping is a woman’s favourite pastime, this is an indisputable fact, however shopping with tween daughters is not the most enjoyable thing I must say. My daughter is 12 and we have been looking and looking and trying on dress after dress after dress in search of the perfect grade six Graduation dress with no success.

The dresses I like she doesn’t, the ones she likes well I just don’t. What makes it extra hard is finding anything in her size, the dresses we have looked at have either been way too big and therefore do not sit right or look good for that matter, or too kiddy looking, she is after all almost a teenager and the thought of buying a dress from the children’s section just mortifies her.

But we are running out of time, most of the girls already have their dresses so the pressure is well and truly on now. I have been thinking about trying the internet next but I’m worried about sizes and shopping on line. Any suggestions??