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Another lovely Sunday

Another lovely Sunday filled with soccer and kids and family. If it wasn’t for the freezing cold temperature I would say it was a perfect Sunday. Still the sun was shinning and the ducted heating was cranked up to max and my husband pulled off another super delicious roast pork which is his specialty.

I hope everyone else had a lovely Sunday too filled with good times, family and friends.





My Sunshine


So eldest son has gone to spend a few days with Grandmother and Grandfather who live quite far away and as a result don’t get to see the children as much as they and we would like. The other two however did not want to go , not because they would miss mum and dad but more to the point their creature comforts, like foxtel (cable tv), the computer, their X-Box and Wii and all their other toys.

I am very proud of eldest son, it was his choice, he wanted to spend some time with his grandparents, he has always been a lot more mature than the twins and this is just another display of that matureness, although he has only been gone a few hours I have had several texts messages, and a Facebook message so far. Is he missing us? I think maybe he is.

Even though the twins are quite adamant that they will have a much better time without eldest son, I’m sure that deep down they won’t, he is the sunshine of my life and theirs also. The world is a better place because he lights it up with his spunk, his cheeky nature and his heart of gold.

Thank God for Grandparents

Thank god for grandparents!!! My daughter has been unwell these last few days, fortunately nothing too serious just a cold, or at this stage what looks like a cold. She has a sore throat and a blocked nose and a very slight temperature but it has been enough to make her feel miserable . Things at work are pretty hectic at the moment and staff numbers are down so the thought of having to take a carers day was not so appealing.

Up step my wonderful parents to help me out of my predicament, my daughter spent the day being pampered by her grandparents as she recuperated in my old bed and I was able to go to work safe in the knowledge that she was in great hands.

It got me thinking about all the people who aren’t lucky enough to have their parents or in-laws close by to be able to offer them a hand when they need it. When you have kids there are lots of things that can go wrong needing you to take time off work. The more kids you have the more your chances of needing time off for sickness or injuries, or appointments increase. Therefore the question begs to be asked, are 7 carers days enough? Surely not.

I know that there are many people that wrought the system but there are many more that honestly just need more help be that by more flexible work hours, or more carers leave.
It looks like my son has now caught my daughters cold so I will be calling on my parents help again tomorrow. Until you actually become a parent yourself I don’t think one can fully appreciate just how much their parents do for them.