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Any excuse for a party

Harry’s soccer coach is turning 50 on the weekend and to celebrate he is going on a child free holiday with his wife to Port Douglas.

The moment I heard that the coach was having a milestone birthday near the end of the soccer season I began planning how the boys could help to make this momentous occasion even more special.

Together with the team manager we arranged to have some photos of the team framed for the boys to present to the coach, and we set about planning a mini surprise birthday party.

Tonight our plans all came together in what can only be described as a great night.

All the boys helped blow up balloons and decorate the table in preparation of the coach’s arrival.

There was lots of cheering and party poppers, lots of food and cake but above all lots of fun.

This has been Harry’s first year of soccer and thanks to the coach and the boys it has been the best experience.

Sport isn’t just about honing skills and playing a game, it’s about making connections and building lifelong friendships.





Another Birthday


Another birthday! Feels like only last week we were celebrating George’s birthday and today my twins celebrate their twelfth birthday.

We had a lovely day filled with laughter, presents, cake, balloons and lots of love.



Feeling content


My baby is back from a 7 day survival camp and surprisingly enough he has returned in good spirits. Feedback from all the boys was that the experience was not as bad as they were expecting it to be. After last years 3 day survival camp which was a total nightmare, I think the boys were all bracing themselves for the worst, I know my son was.

We have heard many stories about the Year 9 survival camp. Many boys we were told do not make it through the seven days, but all of our boys did, and for that they should be proud. The thought process behind these survival camps is that they are meant to instil resilience in boys, and girls, I guess, so that later on in life if they are faced with a challenge they will be able to draw back on the challenges faced on the camp and trust that they are strong enough to overcome whatever hurdles may come their way.

I’m still not sure how I feel about these camps. But I am happy that it is now behind us, and I am thankful that my son didn’t get injured. I know that some boys were hurt, one had to be airlifted to hospital.

To celebrate my sons return home and also his birthday which was on Thursday when he was still at camp, the family went out to a lovely Italian restaurant where we enjoyed great food, nice wine and family bonding time.

Tonight I am a very happy mother, all my chicks are home safe and sound, and I got to spend the day with my family that I love more than anything else in the world.


Happy Birthday Sunshine


Today is my baby’s birthday, but he is still on camp with school. I wish that I could hug and kiss him and wish him a very happy 15th Birthday. I wish we could celebrate what was the greatest day of my life. The day that he came into my world and changed it forever. The day I became a mother. But that will have to wait till the weekend when he is home I’m afraid.

My children are the greatest gift I could ever have asked for, and George my eldest, is the light of my life. He is my sunshine. Even now that he is maturing into a grumpy teenager he still is everything to me.

Because of George I have the twins. Because of George and my twins I am stronger than I ever thought I could be, because of my children my life is complete.

I have always known that I wanted to be a mother but just how much you can love another human being well that I never really knew until I had George. The mere thought of anything bad happening to any one of my children grips me with such a paralysing fear. Their triumphs are my triumphs.

They are the first thing on my mind in the morning when I wake up and the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep. Everything I do in life is with them in mind.

I may not always get it right but I will never stop trying. I will always be there for them, always, and my love for them will linger long long after I am gone.

So Happy Birthday my Sunshine I hope you know how loved you are and how special.



Happy Birthday Nut


Yesterday we celebrated Nut’s 8th birthday with a Hawaiian themed birthday party. All the dogs dressed up in colourful lays, so did some of the guests,and we all enjoyed drinking Piña Colada’s (non alcoholic Of course in the children’s case) and eating yummy food and having a wonderful time.

The birthday boy got spoilt with gifts and treats as did the other dogs even though it wasn’t their birthday.

I know that for some people it is strange to host a party for a dog but in my family it is just something we like to do. Any excuse to get together with our beloved pets, which are valued family members, is always well received and a great time is generally had by all.

So Happy Birthday Nut, I hope you had a great night, Dexter was thoroughly exhausted when we go home, and has spent most of today sleeping.