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Barefoot bowls 

We didn’t think we would be trying lawn bowls for quite a few years yet but on Friday night we decided to give it a go, callit a practice run for our golden years if you like.

It was soooo much fun!! I would love to be able to say that we were awesome at it but of course we weren’t. There were some moments of brilliance, and for the briefest of moments we had the opposition worried. But honestly it was such a good night and surprisingly an inexpensive night too.

I would definitely do barefoot bowls again, hopefully with the same group of amazing girls, maybe next time with my family too, now that would be fun.

Why wait for the golden years I say!! 



After almost three weeks abroad I’m back home and back to reality! 
They say a holiday gives you a new lease on life and I can now attest to this. The time we spent away was everything I imagined it would be and more!! 
Italy is a beautiful, busy extremely noisy country full of so much culture and history.
It really was a completely different place to be – nothing like Australia at all.  

They drive like maniacs, they talk loudly with lots of hand gestures, they all look like they have stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine and their food is just to die for!! 

We were lucky enough to visit Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice (including the little islands Murano, Burano and Torcello ), Levanto and Cinque Terra. 

I’m sure I have enough memories to last a long long time, and enough stories for several blog posts, but for starters here is a selection of some of my favourite shots.