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That Sugar App

I discovered a cool little App called “That Sugar App” that tells you how many teaspoons of sugar there are in a particular food or snack or drink by simply scanning the barcode!!

This free App is a great way to monitor your daily sugar intake and very handy for pre packaged school snacks, it helps to take the guess work out of what to pack in your kids lunch boxes by disclosing just how much sugar content each item contains.



Had a weird call tonight from a lady claiming she was from our internet provider and stating that some illegal activity had been detected and that they would be suspending our service for 30 days. 
Alarm bells instantly went off in my mind!! One I know we haven’t done anything illegal, and two something about the background noise just told me that this was some sort of con.
Needless to say that I hung up and immediately called our internet provider who confirmed what I suspected that this was indeed some sort of a scam!!

Not sure what they wanted to be honest, but I wasn’t about to hang around and find out either. 

Sure seems like scammers like these are everywhere these days!!