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Holiday mode 

Another week has gone by and this holiday mode is still making things feel so excruciatingly slow! I know I’m going to regret feeling like I need this lull to be over – once school starts up again and all the kids extra curriculum activities kick in, I’ll be racing around non stop once again and no doubt longing for these slower days.
It’s just that this year holds so much promise that I can’t help being eager to get things rolling. 

The weather isn’t helping either, typical Melbourne temperatures as inconsistent as ever, stinky hot one day and freezing cold wet and windy the next. 

Thankfully it’s the weekend so at least we will get to have some fun for the next few days. Have a great weekend everyone. 


New Zealand here we come!!! 

Feeling very excited tonight, my sister and I just booked our next holiday to New Zealand!!! Yay!! 

After returning from our amazing trip to Italy and Dubai we just couldn’t wait to plan our next holiday away.
We have so many places on our bucket list that we have yet to visit, and New Zealand was just one of them. 

It’s only for a few days and only the two of us going this time, but I’m sure it will be an amazing experience, and the best part is I get to share it with my best friend who is also my sister.

I can’t say I know a lot about New Zealand or Auckland which is where we are headed but I plan on finding out as much as I can. Can’t wait!!!! 


Travel bug 


Is it too soon to be thinking about another holiday, I mean we have only just come back from Italy ?
It seems like everywhere I look or anyplace I go I keep coming across these amazing holiday deals!! Paris on sale for $1449, New Zealand, Tokyo, Vanuatu. Temptation is everywhere!!! 

Once you have been bitten by the travel bug it’s hard to not think about travelling – time to start saving up again!

Jet lag!!

How long can you suffer from jet lag??? One day, two days, three…. Well I have been back a full week now and I think I must still be suffering from jet lag what other possible excuse could there be for dropping the kids off to school this morning and then forgetting I have a job and heading home. It was only when I got to about halfway home that it suddenly dawned on me that I was going in the wrong direction work was the other way!! Doh!!

T- minus 5 days!! 

Uh oh!! There is a problem with our holiday!!! Well the Cinque Terra booking anyway!!  
Our travel agent has been away on a holiday herself, and even though she was meant to come back last week and send us the finalised itinerary, she got sick and only came in this week. 

For some unexplainable reason the Cinque Terra booking has not yet been confirmed despite us having paid for it in full almost three months ago!! 

Some kind of glitch or something that is really starting to cause us stress. Well to be honest I’m not really feeling stressed I’m just excited, but I know my sister is stressing so is my brother. 

Fingers crossed this will all be sorted by the end of the week – it better be, we are leaving on Sunday!! 



This is the ransom note prepared by the boys (my Harry and his two friends ) for Madelyn his twin sister and her friend. I love that the boys were so excited about their mischief and it was really sweet to see the girls play along. 

I have had such a great day today pottering around the house while the kids have fun with their friends. There were 6 kids in total and at times the noise level was a bit overwhelming but it was so nice to just be able to observe them all interacting. These children have been friends all through primary school and although this year they have each gone their separate ways to different high schools they have kept in touch and I am happy to say are as close as ever.

Too much excitement 

School holidays again and lucky me has the next two days off yay!! My twins have each invited a friend over to spend the night and then the next day, so the house is alive with noise and laughter, all the excitement has been a bit too much for my pets though, both Dexter and DT are curled up on the bed either side of me sound asleep!! It’s a tough life for 




Celebration time!! Our Italy accommodation is all booked finally!!! Our travel agent is a gem!!! Well both our travel agents are gems!! All that remains is the Dubai stopover to be organised and we are set!! There are only 79 days to go now!! Come on September!!!!