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In a perfect world

Oh the never ending saga of cleaning the house only to have it all messed up again in a short few hours!!!

In a perfect world you would only ever need to do housework once a week and the house would stay impeccably cleaned tidy for the full seven days.

In a perfect world the dishes would miraculously find their way into the dishwasher and not on the kitchen bench. In a perfect world the laundry basket would always be empty, dust would never gather and all the pets hair would stick to the pets and not the furniture. The kids rooms would be tidy and the beds always made.

Thank god we do not live in a perfect world, I may at times grizzle and complain that the housework is never ending but truth be told I wouldn’t have it any other way. Would you?



Home For Hope


The Huffington post featured an article yesterday on a new collaboration that is currently in place between IKEA Furniture and Animal Shelters in both Singapore and Arizona. The project is called Home for Hope and is based on the concept that furniture helps to make our living spaces comfortable, but nothing makes a house a home like a fury best friend.

Amid the furniture in the Ikea showrooms one can now find a cardboard cut out of an adoptable dog. Each cut out has a tag that shoppers can scan to learn more about the individual animal. This is an excellent idea and a great way to show people what their home would look like with a dog in it.

All of the six animals featured in cutouts at the store in Tempe have now been adopted from the Arizona Humane Society, and more cutouts will be exhibited in the store at the end of the month. At least eight pups have been adopted in Singapore so far, according to the Home for Hope website.

What a wonderful idea, I hope that all the IKEA stores around the world will jump on board and support such a worthwhile cause.



The move


My in laws moved into a retirement village today. There was a mixture of emotions that accompanied the move. There was sadness at leaving the house that they had lived in for so long and had been happy in. There was excitement at the prospect of the move and new place. There was stress trying to coordinate everything for the big move and finally there was exhaustion.

The new place is lovely, a lot smaller but brand new. A new house for a new start in life. I hope that they will be happy in the retirement village, the neighbours we met today all seemed lovely and very happy there, if this is an indication of what life in the retirement village will be like then it’s not so bad.

It has been a long day and my legs and back feel sore, and quite stiff, but I feel good knowing that my in laws are happy in their new place.