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Mini World Cup Tournament

Tonight the soccer club Harry plays for hosted a Mini World Cup tournament for the under 12’s and under 13’s. It was lots of fun and all the boys and the parents cheering them on really had a great night.

The boys were split into five teams, England, Brazil, Spain, Holland and Australia and played little 15 minute matches with 7 a side on a half court field.

With world cup fever all around us it was the perfect treat for those boys stuck at home on the school holidays.

Harry was selected to represent England, he scored the first and winning goal of the first game. The second game was also a win 1-0, but then England had a rest and unfortunately it was all down hill from there.

The final game for the tournament saw Spain and Holland battling it out in a nail biting penalty shoot out. In the end Holland finished as the victor. We celebrated with pizza and lemon squash and the boys left feeling happy but exhausted. It’s great to see just how much the World Cup has inspired Soccer lovers all around the world, tonight I spotted quite a few boys out there sporting the World Cup haircut just like Ronaldo and Balotelli.


Sunday fun day


Can’t believe the weekend is almost over. Here in Melbourne we have been lucky enough to have yet another long weekend and for that I feel very spoilt, but all good things must end alas.

The highlight of my weekend was definitely Harry’s soccer game. Somehow the soccer club managed to get all the boys jumpers and socks for them to wear today, so although they didn’t actually win their first game for the season they all looked amazing and played really well. To see his beaming happy face as he came off that field was just priceless.




I was so disappointed today! My son has finally joined a soccer team something he has been wanting to do for a while now, and the soccer season is about to kick off on Sunday. Today only 3 days before the opening game we were advised that we would finally be collecting the uniforms and kits, for which we have paid quite handsomely for I might add, back in November last year when we first registered for soccer.

I received a text message this morning asking if I would be able to help out with the distributing of the kits, to which I said ofcourse I would. So as promised I turned up early ready to help out, only to discover the most chaotic, the most unorganised event I could have ever imagined.

All the sizes they ordered were all wrong, apparently they have a large amount of XXS and Mediums but no Small sizes. Even the few children that did mange to get their kits today did not necessarily receive the correct size.

I mean come on people, what a disgrace!! The children are so excited so looking forward to finally receiving their gear and then this. You only had 6 months to arrange this. How could you mess up so badly? What happens to the kids that won’t have a uniform in which to play in on Sunday?

The people who were so called in charge today had no idea, they were totally clueless. Our boys don’t even have their player jerseys yet. How bad is that!

I was really looking forward to soccer, I know how much this means to my son, and I was so pleased that he was finally going to get a chance to play the sport he loves so much, however if today was any indication of what we can expect from the club, then I am really worried.