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Moments to cherish

So today I let my son, who is soon to turn 16, and already booked in to sit his learners driving test, drive my car for the very first time.

We arrived early to basketball practice and there were only two other cars in the carpark so I thought what the heck.

He was so excited and so surprised!! I won’t deny that I was nervous, I was, and I think I drove him a little crazy repeating “brake, Brake” over and over.

He did really well, parked perfectly, if not for his hands getting twisted whilst turning the steering wheel he would have been perfect. Must be all those car racing video games he plays lol.

I was very proud of him, and I could sense that he too was proud of himself, as well he should be. I’m glad I got to share this moment with my son, another first to add to our long list – I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this moment for the world. And I now think that I am going to be alright with this whole parent of a driving child thing. Bring it on I say.


My teenage son asked me today if I knew what a vine was? Of course I do, it’s what grapes grow on, I replied, to which he just rolled his eyes in disgust and muttered “gee your sooo old mum”

Thanks son.

Turns out a Vine is a six second video!!

According to my good friend Google, a Vine is a six-second video app that’s owned by Twitter and the idea is to create quick, easy and interesting short films to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and the world at large.

Ah teenagers they are such a constant source of wisdom aren’t they?