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Happy Easter

What does Easter look like to you?   

To me Easter looks like this, it looks like family and food and Easter eggs – not just the chocolate kind but the hard boiled and coloured ones as well (queen eggs). It is a little bit of Greek mixed in with a whole heap of Aussie. 

Hope you all had a lovely Easter. 



A picture is worth a hundred words 

My nephew is back!! We are so happy to have him home, we have all missed him so much, but no one has missed him more than my sister. 
After 4 months being overseas visiting the other half of his family he has finally returned. 

I just love these photos that I snapped of the two of them at the airport, every time I look at them it warms my heart and puts an instant smile on my face. 



Today my daughter finds out if she made the cut for the musical she auditioned for a couple of weeks ago at her brother’s high school – which is the sister school to her school.
I can’t help wishing so hard that she does get the part!! Or at least if not the part she auditioned for, then another part. It’s only because I don’t want her to be discouraged. In my eyes she is already a star for putting herself out there and going after the things she wants. 
It’s such a relief to have a child who knows what they want to do when they finish school, at least by knowing we can work towards that goal. 

I can’t say I ever knew what I truly wanted to do and I know that my oldest son doesn’t either and that makes it so much harder.

Ultimately of course the aim is for them to be happy, so fingers crossed she comes out with a big smile today . 

Funny dogs 

My sisters dogs are so funny!! One is so smart and catches on so quickly the other one is bigger, and slower, and not so sharp, but he is such a good boy.
He doesn’t like to get into trouble, he would never purposely do anything wrong, he is just that sort of dog.

Today he had a little accident inside and his reaction when I got there (late I might add because of work ) was just priceless. 

He knew he had done something wrong and was so nervous – why I have no idea, ok maybe my sister might scold him but that would be it, anyway as soon as I saw the mess I just ignored it, let them out to relieve themselves and then set about cleaning up.

Nutt was hesitant coming back inside it was only the lure of the treat that made him get past his nerves. Apparently when my sister got home he was still acting all funny. She called to see if I had noticed him acting funny and I told her about the little accident.

Dogs are just like humans, some stress, some sook, and some are just totally oblivious, each one is unique. 


Twice as nice 


Came home today to find my twins playing on their DS’s like this!!
The bond they share is just beautiful!! They are inseparable!! They may be totally different in personality but they just get each other in a way no one else can or ever will.

I know I am very lucky to have twins. They are not only a blessing but a real joy. 


Praying for peace 

With so much fear and uncertainty in the world at the moment – it’s hard to remain positive to look forward to the simple things, Christmas less than 5 weeks away, my husbands 50th birthday, the end of another school year. 
Facebook is filled with posts offering prayers and thoughts for the people of France, the French colours are everywhere. 

I hope we will be able to see past the fear and the negativity and I pray for peace and love and health and happiness.