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Melbourne Flower and Garden Show

Had a lovely day at the Melbourne Flower and Garden show!! Held at the beautiful

Carlton Gardens this years show was up there with the best of them. My sister and I had a great time strolling through the gardens, admiring the sculptures and enjoying the music and other attractions.  



Echidna crossing 

An echidna crossing the road is not something  you see every day, but in beautiful Belgrave, Echidnas are just part of the beautiful scenery.

Today I was reminded yet again what an absolute joy animals are. After what can only be described as a horrific day yesterday to be able to just pause along with the rest of the traffic and just watch that beautiful little echidna waddle across the road was just so delightful, it lifted my spirits and brought the first genuine smile to my face since yesterday.
No wonder I prefer animals to people, animals make the world a better place, they are genuine and honest. 

Beautiful Belgrave

Madelyn’s new school is in beautiful Belgrave, nestled in amongst the mountain tops, every time I drive up there which is pretty much every morning and afternoon these days, I can’t help but feel so taken with the views. Belgrave has such a beautiful country feel, I think it is the heart of the foothills not just the gateway to the Dandenong Ranges. Quaint shops, old world charm cinema and puffing billy (an old steam train ) are only some of the attractions on offer here. For the past week or so, every morning I have noticed a man – dressed like a nomad – someone who wanders around the desert, equip with a unique walking stick with skull head on top, patch over one eye like a pirate and turban on his head. Every time I see this man I can’t help but wonder what his story is? Why is he dressed this way? What’s with the walking stick? So I did some research and my strange nomad has name and a Facebook page I might add – he is Baba Desi The Wizard of Belgrave, an iconic figure, 85 years old who is an activist, a humanitarian and a healer. I was thinking that interviewing him would make a great story for the local paper but turns out he has been interviewed many many times, he sounds like an amazing man who has helped others, I can’t wait to see him tomorrow now that I know his story my curiosity about him has been replaced with admiration. Just one more thing to love about Belgrave I guess.




Yarra Glen Chocolaterie and Ice creamery.


Part of my plan on spending some fun time with my children over this week that I have taken off from work, was a trip to the Yarra Glen Chocolaterie and Ice creamery. I had heard great things about this place which is situated in the picturesque Yarra Glen only 40 minutes almost straight run from where we live and was keen to see for myself what all the hype was about.




Although I did get some resistance at the start from my eldest who at the moment does not want to do anything with his family, I think in the end he too ended up having a good time.

We didn’t have the nice sunny weather but we were fortunate enough to miss the rain so were able to wander around and explore the beautiful grounds as well as the actual Chocolaterie.



Who would not be happy surrounded by all this yummy delicious creamy chocolate!! The kids loved the massive sample bowls and went back several times.

We finished off the day with a yummy Ice cream each which was just delicious and gigantic in size we sat outside on the deck overlooking the beautiful countryside, it was just lovely and I highly recommend it as a great day out for all.


74 Sleeps till Christmas

Today Melbourne put on its most glorious weather yet, it was a stunning 29 degrees!! My children took advantage of the warm weather and hit mum and dad’s pool, braving the cold water they had fun swimming and splashing around.

But it would not be Melbourne if the weather stayed like this, so as you rightly guessed tomorrow it is going to be a chilly 15 degrees, wet, windy, nothing like today at all!!

Feels strange that we are so close to the end of another year. The race to wrap things up at work and at school has begun, everything seems to be about the end of the year and all the events leading up to it. With only 74 sleeps till Christmas I can’t help feeling a little bit of panic knowing that there is still so much to do.





Another week over

It’s funny how quickly times flies when you are having fun, and how it just seems to drag during the week when it’s all work and school.

Well our mini family holiday is over which means it’s back to work for me tomorrow, and even though I am one of those people that actually enjoy their job, I can’t say I’m really looking all that forward to going back.

It has been so lovely not having to worry about waking up early, or cooking or cleaning, the last 6 days have really just been about having fun, relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Alas though all good things must come to an end, and today in preparation of the week ahead I spent the majority of my day catching up on the laundry. Thankfully the weather here in Melbourne has been warm and windy, perfect washing weather. I’m relaxing now with a pre dinner drink, taking a moment to go over all that I have to do this coming week.

Fortunately it’s still school holidays and lucky for me, my husband has the week off, so hopefully he will be able to entertain the kids while I am at work.

What is even better still, is that dinner has been taken care of tonight. We had the family over yesterday for a BBQ while we watched the Grand Final Aussie Rules footy game so leftovers it is tonight. Hope everyone in the blogosphere had a wonderful weekend.





Robbie Williams concert

I was lucky enough to attend the Robbie Williams concert tonight with my sister. My beautiful nephew brought us tickets for our birthday.

What can I say except Robbie Williams is the ultimate entertainer! The man is charm personified.

He had the audience enthralled right to the very end. Rod Laver arena was the perfect venue for a night like tonight, small and intimate.

My sister and I had the best night, sipping on Cosmopolitans and Margaritas and bopping away to Robbie’s sweet sweet voice. How lucky am I to have such an amazing and thoughtful nephew.