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What the?????


Maybe it is just me, maybe I am naive but until last week I did not know that there were condoms for women!!

At the health service where I work we have a Needle Exchange Syringe program, this program is relatively new and created a lot of controversy when it was first being set up. Research shows without a doubt that needle exchange syringe programs such as ours significantly reduce the risk of disease because they provide easy access to free needles and syringes as well as easy access for sharps disposal, eliminating the need for needle sharing . Despite the public outcry and protests the NSP (Needle Exchange Syringe program) has not seem an influx of drug users or dealers in the area and has in fact decreased the number of used syringes found around the place. As part of the needle packs that we give out to those using the NSP, we also include condoms and lubricant.

This brings me to my post today, I do not normally write about things like this, sex is somewhat of a taboo subject that I don’t normally talk about. However I was so intrigued and so surprised that something like this exists that I felt compelled to share it with you.

Has anyone else heard of condoms for women or has anyone seen one for that matter? I have included a picture for the benefit of those like myself who were in the dark about this. When I opened the packet I was surprised at how large they were and how icky they felt.

I guess it is true what they say no matter how old you are, you learn something new every day.