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Last day of primary school

Today was the last day of primary school for my twins. As of next year they will be heading off to high school embarking on the next phase of their lives.

The future is exciting and filled with so many possibilities. All I could think of was how it had felt waking them into the school on their first day of prep. How excited they had been and how nervous, it’s like we have come full circle in 6 weeks I will be waking them into high school. How quickly the time has passed.

To signify the end of the year, the school hosted an all school assembly and all the Grade 6 children got to stand up the front and perform their grade 6 graduation song which this year was Justice Crew’s Que Sera.

There were many tears shed, mainly by the mums.

Grade 6 ended with a bang at the after party where the kids got to sing and dance and take lots of selfies.








Too much partying

Is there such a thing as too much partying ? If you asked me last month I would have said “No Way “, but ask me tonight after I have been out every single night this week and I am starting to think there actually could be such a thing as too much partying.

The Christmas lead up is always a busy time of year, it’s a time to catch up with family and friends exchange presents and Christmas cards.

I’m feeling excited but so so tired and there are still 21 sleeps left till Christmas.





Another year older

Another year older, I would like to be able to say wiser, but somehow I don’t think so, I may be forty five now but I still feel like I did twenty years ago, of course I wish I still looked the same but alas no. I spent the day celebrating my birthday with the people I love most in the world, my family. The sun was shining, everyone was relaxed and happy, there was champagne and nice food, what more could a girl possibly ask for?

I have really been thoroughly spoilt with many beautiful birthday messages and presents from my amazing friends and extended family. My mum outdid herself again and made me the most decadent chocolate birthday cake, unfortunately we were all too full to enjoy it, but I’m sure tomorrow the girls at work will be happy when I take in left over cake to share.





Any excuse for a party

Harry’s soccer coach is turning 50 on the weekend and to celebrate he is going on a child free holiday with his wife to Port Douglas.

The moment I heard that the coach was having a milestone birthday near the end of the soccer season I began planning how the boys could help to make this momentous occasion even more special.

Together with the team manager we arranged to have some photos of the team framed for the boys to present to the coach, and we set about planning a mini surprise birthday party.

Tonight our plans all came together in what can only be described as a great night.

All the boys helped blow up balloons and decorate the table in preparation of the coach’s arrival.

There was lots of cheering and party poppers, lots of food and cake but above all lots of fun.

This has been Harry’s first year of soccer and thanks to the coach and the boys it has been the best experience.

Sport isn’t just about honing skills and playing a game, it’s about making connections and building lifelong friendships.





I went to a Scentsy party a couple of weeks ago. A friend of mine was hosting the party to help out a young family from her church.

Anyone who has birds knows that aerosols and fumes from burning oils are toxic to birds. So I am always careful with any fragrance I bring into my house, and because I am such a worrywart I always tend to err on the side of caution.

I ended up buying a car air fresher that you hang from the rear view mirror, and a hand cream, because they seemed like the safer option. The fragrance I chose was ‘Mochadoodle’ sounds strange I know, but it smells something like a combination of caramel and mocha.

I was so excited to put the car freshener in my car. I couldn’t wait for the children to get a whiff, what I didn’t anticipate was just how strong the scent was. Not only did the fragrance fill the car, it permeated the whole garage as well.

Madelyn had a headache after only a few minutes in the car. George said he felt sick. Surprisingly Harry liked the smell and was not affected by the strong scent.

I have ended up moving the car air freshener into the toilet. So now the whole back half of my house smells of Mochadoodle. I can’t help wondering, it just my family that is sensitive to strong smells or does anyone else have this problem?

Birthdays are great


Feel very humble tonight and very blessed!! Today is my birthday and I have been pampered and spoilt and generally been showered with so much love and so many beautiful presents I feel thoroughly spoilt and very very lucky.

Forty four is just a number, sure it’s a relatively large number but I don’t really mind. You are only as old as you feel, cliche I know, but you know what, I don’t care. I’m happy and healthy, I have an amazing family and some really wonderful friends, I’m doing what I love, and as I write this post I have my loyal dog Dexter on one side of me and my trusty gorgeous cat DT on the other side. Yep I’m one lucky girl!!

Bolts Birthday Party



Yesterday we celebrated Bolts 11th birthday. It was a fun filled family event with a delicious French meal prepared by my sister for us all to enjoy.

Bolt is my nephews dog, he has been in my family since he was 8 weeks old and is the most beautiful, loving dog ever!!

Everyone brought presents not only for Bolt but also for his brother Nutt who is 4 years younger and Dexter, who was invited along to share in his cousins special day.

I will have to admit that Dexter was the one most into the presents, Bolt and Nutt were more interested in the treats.

By the end of the day all three dogs were exhausted but happy, as we’re we all.

Many people may think its silly for humans to celebrate a dogs birthday but in my family pets are equally as important, they are not just animals, but members of our family.