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Heaven is a place



Funny dogs 

My sisters dogs are so funny!! One is so smart and catches on so quickly the other one is bigger, and slower, and not so sharp, but he is such a good boy.
He doesn’t like to get into trouble, he would never purposely do anything wrong, he is just that sort of dog.

Today he had a little accident inside and his reaction when I got there (late I might add because of work ) was just priceless. 

He knew he had done something wrong and was so nervous – why I have no idea, ok maybe my sister might scold him but that would be it, anyway as soon as I saw the mess I just ignored it, let them out to relieve themselves and then set about cleaning up.

Nutt was hesitant coming back inside it was only the lure of the treat that made him get past his nerves. Apparently when my sister got home he was still acting all funny. She called to see if I had noticed him acting funny and I told her about the little accident.

Dogs are just like humans, some stress, some sook, and some are just totally oblivious, each one is unique. 


The dreaded summer itch

  Dexter is suffering with the dreaded summer itch again!!! We have wandering Jew in our garden and he must rub himself all over it I swear because as soon as Spring and Summer hit, his skin just flares up.
It’s constant scratching and licking his paws are red and he has patches where the hair is gone from all the scratching.
Last year one of my friends gave me a spray bottle filled with watered down pinetarsal that seemed to help a little, but this year it’s just not working at all.

I have been researching on the Internet, and the home remedies vary from sea water to apple cider vinegar, to olive oil and bicarbonate of soda. 

I’m thinking a trip to the vet and an Elizabethan collar might be my only option at this stage.

Can’t believe I have been lucky enough not to have any of my children suffer from allergies, who would have thought my fur child would.
Does anyone have any other suggestions?? 

Bolt’s birthday 

Today we celebrated Bolt’s 13th birthday!!

Bolt is my sister’s dog – well actually he is my nephew’s dog – he is a Labrador cross Blue Heeler, a more loving and gentle boy you will never find.

 It was a lovely night celebrating a much loved member of our family, there was cake and food and presents all the things typically found at a birthday celebration and of course at the end of the night the birthday boy was exhausted from all the excitement.

Happy Birthday Bolty 

Winter colds 

The winter cold has hit us pretty hard at the moment, well the boys and I, Madelyn and Stephen seem to be fine. Harry who first brought the cold into our household is worst of all.

I snapped this photo only a few minutes ago of Harry sound asleep on the couch and Dexter siting on top of him – watching over his sick little brother. 

If I didn’t have to pick Madelyn up from rehearsal, that’s where I too would be fast asleep on the other couch.