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The Greatest challenge in life 



WordPress update a big fail

Ok I know I am probably the last person on earth to update WordPress only to find the the new so called improved update is just terrible!! I have ended up with three accounts all identical mind you, and for some unexplainable reason I can only see freshly pressed posts and not all the others that I love to read so much.

I’m hoping that it will soon be all rectified, but if anyone has any suggestions I would be happy to try anything. For the time being I am only able to read posts that I subscribe to via email 😞😳😞


Top 5 Regrets of Dying

With everyone working on their New Years resolutions I thought I would share the Guardian News Report’s top 5 Regrets of Dying. A bit morbid I know, but maybe it’s not a bad thing to be reminded from time to time how lucky we are to be alive and how we should never forget to live life to the fullest.