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Last day of primary school

Today was the last day of primary school for my twins. As of next year they will be heading off to high school embarking on the next phase of their lives.

The future is exciting and filled with so many possibilities. All I could think of was how it had felt waking them into the school on their first day of prep. How excited they had been and how nervous, it’s like we have come full circle in 6 weeks I will be waking them into high school. How quickly the time has passed.

To signify the end of the year, the school hosted an all school assembly and all the Grade 6 children got to stand up the front and perform their grade 6 graduation song which this year was Justice Crew’s Que Sera.

There were many tears shed, mainly by the mums.

Grade 6 ended with a bang at the after party where the kids got to sing and dance and take lots of selfies.








The end of another era

The end of another era!! My babies have their grade 6 graduation today and as I sit waiting in the amphitheater with all the other parents and grandparents I can’t help thinking how surreal all this feels.

It feels like only yesterday that I was waking them in for their first day of prep.

There is a buzz of excitement in the theatre as we wait for our children to step out onto the stage. The lights are dim the performance is about to begin, where are the tissues?









High School orientation day – one down, one to go

First orientation day for my twins and it’s fitting I think that Madelyn as the eldest twin was up first. There was a buzz of excitement in the house this morning as we got ready for the big day. The girls were asked to come dressed in their PE (physical Education) uniforms so that they could all have their photos taken for their student ID’s.

I am so proud of my daughter! She has really embraced the idea of high school and is wanting to make the most of every opportunity presented to her. Although Madelyn is fortunate to have two other girls from her primary school also going to the same high school as her, she has not let that stop her from making more friends today.

I can’t help feeling a sense of relief that she is so positive, so driven and so excited!! I envision great things for my beautiful princess! She is a perfectionist, she always tries her best at everything she does, she is smart and funny and talented, she loves being a girl but gets on just as well with the boys. I can see that she is so ready for the next phase of her life and I know that she will continue to blossom into the most amazing young lady.

So that’s one twin down, let’s hope Harry’s orientation day in a couple of weeks will be just as positive, unfortunately somehow I don’t think so !! My babies couldn’t be more chalk and cheese if they tried. I will often joke that if they were one person they would be a super human. Tonight though I am basking in the joy that my daughter had such a great introduction to her high school journey.



School holidays are over.

Can’t believe the school holidays are over and term 4 is here. Everyone knows that the last term seems to just fly by, before we know it another school year will be over and my babies will be moving on to high school. I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad, scared or elated.

The idea of having three teenagers under the same roof does scare me I must admit, I mean one teenager is hard enough, but I know that the twins are ready for the next phase of their lives and you know what, so am I.

So here’s to the last term of primary school, here’s to the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.