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Easter break has begun

Easter is almost here and I’m feeling kind of bad, that I find myself looking more forward to the four day break than the actual celebration of Easter itself.

This year we are lucky in that both Greek Easter and Catholic Easter happen to fall on the same day. Bonus, one celebration for both. My mum is having us all over at Easter, for one of her famous, delicious, lip smacking, mouth watering lunches.

Still there is much to prepare before then. I still have shopping to do, eggs to dye (the traditional Greek way), a pile of laundry to tackle, housework that never seems to end. I could go on but I’m getting tired just thinking about it.

So for the time being I will rejoice knowing that work is four glorious days away, there is an obscene amount of chocolate in my house, and I have ahead of me four days of fun with my family as we come together to celebrate Easter.

Happy Valentines day


Although it been a while since my husband and I made a big fuss about Valentines day, we still try to go out and spend the night together. Tonight is no exception the kids are staying at my sister’s and we are off to dinner and a movie. Happy Valentines day to everyone. Xxx

Running out of time

I don’t know how many times I have said it, or the countless times I have thought it but being a parent is so bloody hard.

What do you do when your child is suddenly bigger than you and tries to use their size against you?

There is this invisible line that cannot be crossed. What happens if it does get crossed through? What then? How should a parent handle something like that?

And why must teenagers be so negative? Why does everything have to be such a big deal? Why can’t they just go with the flow? Relax and enjoy? Why do they insist on bringing everybody down with their smart ass comments and negative outlook?

I don’t have any of these answers I am afraid. I am still trying to get my head around the teenage years in general. Most of the time I can turn a blind eye or ear to the less than desirable attitude and language, but every now and then it does get to me and I can’t help but wonder what I am doing wrong. Am I the only parent that feels like this?

If I was to be honest with myself I would have to admit that the realisation that I am running out of time with my children is really terrifying me, and I find myself struggling to come to terms with this.

My son is almost 15 years old, realistically I only have another 3 years left with him. After that he will be old enough to be doing his own thing, living his own life, he will be an adult accountable for himself.

Is it wrong therefore to want to make the most of the precious time we have left together?

Happy New Year


Happy New Year

The beginning of a New Year is always quite exciting it is an opportunity to start again. To explore new pathways. To challenge oneself and to alter the path you are on, if that is what you desire. It is also a time to reflect and appreciate how fortunate we truly are and to be thankful for the special people in our lives that help make us who we are.

This year has not begun like others though, a fatty lump on Bolt’s knee that started to become a wound and was on the verge of exploding, has forced my sister to have him operated on at very short notice.

What we always considered to be no more than age lumps and bumps that did not appear to be causing Bolt any discomfort, suddenly had to go.

Several hours of surgery and $1200 later Bolt was home. Still under the affect of the anaesthetic and covered in stitches all over his shaved body and his knee, his right eye weeping from the laser that was used to remove the lump above his eye; Bolt recovered on my sister’s bed.

The whole family along with some close friends congregated at my sister’s place and together we all welcomed in the New Year. I think Bolt felt better having his whole family around him, I know we all felt better being there with him.

Happy New Year may you always have loved ones rallying around you in good times and in bad.