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Bargain buys 

Am I the only one that simply can’t resist a bargain?? There is just something about sales that makes them irresistible!Take tonight for example, I brought a cute top and an assortment of under garments that were just too pretty to resist!! Do I need them? Of course not! Is there room for them in my wardrobe?? Ummmmm nope, but I’ll make some room, they were a bargain after all!! 


The Greatest Salesman in the World

The Greatest Salesman in the World by best selling author Og Mandino

Last night I read this amazing book by best selling author Og Mandino who has also written “The Return of the Ragpicker”, “A Better Way To Live”, “Choices”, “The Greatest Secret in the World” and many many more.

The book was recommended to me by my sister, who picked it up at a church sale, or it could have been a primary school fete, either way it was the title that drew her to it. However the book itself was so much more than a guide to salesmanship.

This inspirational, uplifting book is full of spiritual and ethical guidance. Og Mandino manages to capture the principles of salesmanship and weave them into one of the most fascinating and touching stories that I have ever read.

What you are today is not important, you will learn how to change your life forever by applying the secrets you will discover in the 10 ancients scrolls that have been handed down for thousands of years.

When I started reading The Greatest Salesman in the World I didn’t know what to expect. My sister had told me that it was good but that did not prepare me for the impact of this book. I couldn’t put it down. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.