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Don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die



All I want for Christmas….

I was especially happy when the pet shop in our local shopping centre began supporting the local animal shelter and would only have animals in need of re homing. Unfortunately with Christmas fast approaching the rescue pets have gone and cute designer puppies and kittens with over inflated price tags are back in stock. Very disappointing I must say.

Why is it that money always wins? That is the bottom line for most people after all, if its not making a profit than its just no good. Too bad if it was saving lives, too bad that it was giving surrendered animals a chance at a forever home.

If I could have one wish for Christmas it would be this. That all the animals in the animal shelters around the world would find a forever home.

The Human Cargo

Today I went to the Italian Film Festival and watched the documentary The Human Cargo it was a sad and very confronting piece of history shown through the eyes of people who actually experienced it.

The story was not known to me I’m ashamed to say, despite the fact that I was living in neighbouring Greece at the time, but in 1991 20,000 Albanian people desperate to flee Albania which was struggling with economic, social and political upheaval and start a new life for themselves in Italy seized the opportunity and boarded a Cuban vessel that had docked in Durres to unload sugar and after clamouring on board forced the Captain to take them to Italy where they hoped to start new lives.

I can’t comprehend how Reckless some of these people were. Many left behind family, children even, and without a moments hesitation or thought climbed on board. They had no luggage, no knowledge of where this would lead, or what they would have to endure only the hope of starting a new life in Italy spurring them on.

We heard one passenger explain how as he got to the boat he spotted his parents and sister already aboard the vessel and how he had started to cry. They were going to leave him behind, he was only 10years old at the time. How desperate must these people have been? I cannot even fathom this, to leave your children behind. Never.

Out of the 20,000 people that docked in Bari 16,500 were sent back, but not before they had to endure, thirst, hunger, loss of dignity, imprisonment, fear. It was truly heartbreaking. 1,500 people escaped into the population, many of them ending up fleeing to other countries.

I guess it just reinforced what I already know and that is how fortunate I am to live in such an amazing country, Australia really is the lucky country.

What to do with your pets when you go on holidays

It is a big honour to be asked to look after someone’s pets it means that they really trust you, it is also however an enormous responsibility. For that period of time that the owners are away you become their beloved pets caregiver.

I love looking after my friends pets but there is always an enormous sigh of relief heaved once my friends are back home and I have delivered their beloved pet safely back to them.

A lot of people don’t have friends or family to leave the care of their pets to when they go on leave so these people tend to use places like dog kennels or cattery’s but there are other options too that can provide better alternatives.

Animal shelters like Animal Aid offer a pet minding service at a reduced fee, the benefit of this option is that you can use it for longer extended periods time and it will not cost you a fortune. Also most animal shelters are run by volunteers, people who genuinely have a deep love of animals so you know that your pet will be in good hands.

Most Vets offer pet minding services although their rates are considerably high so this would not really be your most cost effective option. On the plus side though in the event that your pet does become ill the vet would be on hand to treat them.

There are many organisations such as Top Dog pet minders that actually look after your pets in their own home. They provide a more personal touch where your pets get to be part of someone else family for a little while. These services are very popular as prices are quite reasonable.

And finally House Carers not only offer people who will care for your pets but they will also housesit for you as well. House carers are all over the world and in most cases the service is free as you are providing them with accommodation in return for them looking after your pet and home.

I’m sure there are many more options available but the best option by far is taking your pet with you on your holiday, unfortunately though this is not always possible.



2013 Winter Blanket Appeal


Animal aid animal shelter in Coldstream in Victoria is hosting a winter blanket appeal to try and get as many blankets as they can, and other warm bedding for the animals at the shelter. If you can help in anyway please do. They are always in need of donnas, sleeping bags, sheets etc in fact the only items they cannot take are pillows and mattresses.

During winter the temperature in Victoria can drop as low as minus -4 degrees, please spare a thought for all the animals sleeping outside at the shelter, your contribution could help to keep them warm.

For a list of drop off points and all other information please check out the animal aid website .