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Grateful to be alive

On the news today they have been talking about this incredible woman who lost all her limbs to a mysterious virus, just like any other virus we seem to pick up at any given time of the year. This virus or infection almost cost her life.

This woman is a mother to three young girls. Despite this horrifying ordeal she remains optimistic and hopeful about the future.

As a mother I can only imagine the insurmountable obstacles and challenges that lie ahead for this woman. As a woman I am in awe of her positivity, and her strength.

9 weeks ago she was living a happy normal life, balancing kids and life possibly a job as well, now her future and the future of her family has been altered drastically. What lies ahead is not yet know, the only certainty is that it will be a massive challenge, a battle like no other.

It kind of makes one realise that in life you can never take anything for granted, because you just never know what lies around the corner be it good or bad.

Oh No……..


The past few weeks I have been noticing that DT my beautiful cat appears to have lost a considerable amount of weight. At first I thought it was just that he’d shed his winter coat but lately I’m not convinced.

I picked him up the other day and it occurred to me that he felt so thin and bony, this is not like DT at all. Although DT is a Balinese cat which means very similar to the Siamese he is quite big for his breed and has always been a good size and weight. But lately this is not so.

The fact that DT is getting older could also be a reason for the weight loss, he appears to be acting normal, eating and drinking as per usual. So why the noticeable decrease in weight?

Nobody else seems to have noticed that DT has lost weight and even when I have pointed it out they merely shrug it off with the explanation that DT is a Siamese like cat, it’s in the genes for him to be thinner. Maybe they don’t realise the amount of weight loss because they are too afraid to pick him up, it certainly is more obvious then.

Unfortunately DT is a one woman cat, he does not take kindly to being picked up, or patted by others. Occasionally if he is in the mood he will let others pat him or pick him up but this is only on his terms.

I guess what scares me most is the thought that what if he has some form of kidney disease? Kidney disease is after all the largest killer of domestic cats. The only way to properly diagnose kidney disease is by blood test. So I guess it’s back to the Vet for us, ignorance is bliss but when it comes to my beloved boy I just can’t take any chances.





Today at work we had a professional development day on understanding Alzheimer’s a form of Dementia.

The three hour presentation was both informative and scary and completely sad. According to the figures the amount of people diagnosed with Dementia is set to soar, the prediction is that by 2050 figures would have risen by 300% that’s an alarming increase for sure.

There is no cure for Dementia however there are treatment options available that can help slow the progression of the disease down.

We heard how the younger a person is diagnosed with Dementia the faster the disease will spread, this is because as we age our bodies metabolism naturally slows down.

There is no one determinate that causes Dementia but it has been proven that a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in helping to prevent Dementia. Brain training exercises that stimulate brain development are also very good.

Tooth brushing was used as an example of a skill that needs to be taught, first one learns to hold the toothbrush, then place a small amount of toothpaste onto the brush and then to actually brush our teeth. Once we have mastered this skill we are able to perform it without having to think about the steps involved so it was suggested that we now teach ourselves to brush our teeth using our other hand. Learning this skill will create a new pathway inside our brains and in the event that we are affected by Alzheimer’s and the initial pathway for brushing our teeth is erased from our memory we will still have another brain pathway in order to brush our teeth.

Anything we can do to create new pathways in the brain will go a long way in the fight against Dementia.

Aside from short term memory which is the first thing to go in a person suffering from Dementia, they will also lose their insight, their ability to plan and their spatial awareness.

I cannot imagine how it would feel to slowly lose your life, apparently the disease begins well before there are any signs present.

We were shown a breakthrough video on a person so heavily affected by Dementia that she could no longer talk and the amazing way that Naomi Feil founder of Validation therapy was able to communicate with her.

Please note that this video is very powerful and extremely moving.

Starting today I plan on exercising my brain every opportunity I can, I’m sure once you have seen the video you too will feel the same way.

This is love


The loyalty of pets has no boundaries. Over the weekend I was quite ill with Vertigo, I could not get myself out of bed, the room was spinning and I wanted to block out this horrid feeling. Throughout both days that I remained bed ridden my beautiful boy DT and my trusty friend Dexter were always by my side.

Their companionship and warmth was just what I needed to help me through this horrible ordeal. Sure Dexter true to his goofy personality and clumsy nature at times aggravated my nausea but I was glad to have him there.

Both DT and Dexter sat protectively by my side watching me sleep, and waiting patiently for me to get better. It’s amazing how in tune animals are to our feelings. Why can’t people be like that? How many times have I missed signs that someone I care about was sad, or lonely or just needing a little extra tender loving care? My pets would never be guilty of that. I think it’s because they are not as self centred as we humans are.

Animals are all about giving, unconditional love, undying loyalty and innocent joy. No wonder we love them so much.


Dizzy that’s how I’ve been feeling all day yesterday, I couldn’t even stand up. Every time I tried I felt so sick and nauseous like I was going to throw up. It is like vertigo but only not that bad at least I hope it’s not that bad. Vertigo can last for days I need this to be over. I spent all day lying down yesterday I don’t want to spend today like that too.

In case you haven’t realised I don’t do sick very well. There is always so much on in my life that I just don’t have time to be sick, and certainly no time to be bedridden.

This morning the nausea seems to have subsided a little but I have not yet been brave enough to sit up in bed, my stomach is queasy so that’s not the best sign but at least I’m able to write as I lie here, yesterday I couldn’t do that I couldn’t even move as soon as I did the dizziness would return with such a force.

What causes this I do not know. I was fine on Friday. How long will it last again I do not know I can only pray that it will pass quickly so that I am able to return to my life, my kids and my pets.

Dexter just ate a dead animal


So yesterday I’m having a coffee at my mums place when my phone rings and its my 11 year old daughter ringing to tell me that Dexter our goofy dog has found a dead possum and he is eating it. Yuk!!

Try as they might my children could not get Dexter to give up the poor dead animal. Where was hubby you may ask? Good question, hubby was sound asleep oblivious to what was going on in the back garden.

The children tried coaxing Dexter with treats, and toys, they tried ringing the front doorbell which always serves in getting him to race to the front door. Not this time. Bugger!!

In a desperate attempt they even threw a bucket of water over him but no luck. Nothing was going to get Dexter to give up the carcass.

So I left mums and hurried home. Of course when I arrived Dexter was finished eating, there was no sign of the poor animal anywhere. Just a wet dirty dog with a guilty look on his face.

I put him straight into the bath and shampooed any trace of dead animal away. Now Dexter hates having baths so I hope that this will teach him to never do something like that again.

Dexter is one fat dog, food is of no shortage to him. The kids dish out dog treats three or four times a day. There is no reason what so ever for him to be eating that kind of disgusting thing.

So here’s the thing it turns out Dexter was just following his natural instincts, he is a dog, an animal, a fact I feel we sometimes forget because to us he is a member of the family, you don’t see me or Stephen or the kids ever eating anything like that.

It is quite common for animals especially dogs who love to dig to occasionally find a dead animal or animal remains. Their digestive system is different to ours and as such eating rotten meat does not affect them the way it would us. However there is always the danger or parasites and that of small bones becoming lodged in the intestines. So for the next few days Dexter will be under close watch. Oh and there won’t be any kissing for a while either.

Thank God for Grandparents

Thank god for grandparents!!! My daughter has been unwell these last few days, fortunately nothing too serious just a cold, or at this stage what looks like a cold. She has a sore throat and a blocked nose and a very slight temperature but it has been enough to make her feel miserable . Things at work are pretty hectic at the moment and staff numbers are down so the thought of having to take a carers day was not so appealing.

Up step my wonderful parents to help me out of my predicament, my daughter spent the day being pampered by her grandparents as she recuperated in my old bed and I was able to go to work safe in the knowledge that she was in great hands.

It got me thinking about all the people who aren’t lucky enough to have their parents or in-laws close by to be able to offer them a hand when they need it. When you have kids there are lots of things that can go wrong needing you to take time off work. The more kids you have the more your chances of needing time off for sickness or injuries, or appointments increase. Therefore the question begs to be asked, are 7 carers days enough? Surely not.

I know that there are many people that wrought the system but there are many more that honestly just need more help be that by more flexible work hours, or more carers leave.
It looks like my son has now caught my daughters cold so I will be calling on my parents help again tomorrow. Until you actually become a parent yourself I don’t think one can fully appreciate just how much their parents do for them.

Sick of Sick Leave

What is it with sick leave and why is it the same people over and over constantly calling in sick. Are they really sick or just sick of being at work? In which case it may be time for them so start looking for something else, clearly they are not happy.

I am one of those people that hardly ever calls in sick even when I am sick I still manage to drag my sorry self into work and do my job. I save my sick leave in case my children are not well and I need it then, but touch wood they are generally healthy kids I am very fortunate I know.

Don’t get me wrong I do not begrudge someone calling in sick that is after all why we have sick leave but what really annoys me is people that constantly abuse the system, for goodness sake how many weeks can you possibly milk a blocked ear?

What’s with these doctors too? It is so easy to get time off these days. Doctor How Long we affectionately joke at work but this is really no laughing matter, it puts increased pressure on everyone else and with time can really bring the whole team morale down.

But what is the answer? Should it be as simple as you don’t work you don’t get paid? What about all those people out there who really need a job, who would give 100 percent and not 25 percent and that’s on a good day.

This probably sounds very harsh, I guess my compassion for these serial offenders is all gone, if you are sick you are sick, but the problem is I don’t think you really are sick, I think you’re just sick of work in which case I believe it’s time do the right thing and move on, this isn’t fair on anyone.