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Sleep deprived

I went back to work today after a lovely 12 days off, and boy was it a shock to the system.
For starters I couldn’t get to sleep last night, the harder I tried the worse it was. Every time the cat moved or my husband rolled over I would wake up. I worried that I would miss the alarm, I kept hearing the cuckoo clock chime the hours, 12 cuckoos then 1 cuckoo, then 2 cuckoos and on it went, so that by the time the alarm clock finally went off at 6am I was wide awake, tired but awake.

Work was chaotic as always, seems like everyone had a toothache today. On the upside I’m only at work for this week and then I have another two and a bit weeks off, gotta love school holidays. So for tonight I’m off to bed early got to catch up on that sleep I missed last night. Good night everyone.

Sweet Dreams

Last night I dreamt of George Michael. It is no secret that I absolutely adore George Michael so naturally I did not want to wake up this morning.

In my dream George Michael was taking a break from music and was working in his parent’s pet shop (imagine that, George Michaels parents just happened to have a pet shop filled with animals – what are the chances that I’d dream of two things that I love), anyway naturally I spent endless hours at that pet shop helping out and just hanging out with George Michael. It was a great dream.

The subconscious is a strange and wonderful thing. It deceives us by making things or situations appear so real, even when they are totally ludicrous. They say that when we sleep our subconscious will try to sometimes sort out our life issues through our dreams. If this is true I wonder what last nights dream was all about ??

The obvious things that stand out about last nights dream were the family connection, family is always foremost on my mind no surprises there. The animals, again no surprise I love animals, I am constantly surrounded by them. I also remember thinking in my dream that George Michael had gained a few pounds again no mystery, I could certainly stand to lose a few kilos myself and with spring here I know I’ve been thinking about that a fair bit.

So this dream it would seem was just my subconscious sorting through the things that are foremost on my mind and playing it all out in this weird and yet strangely wonderful dream.

According to the so called ‘experts,’ what you focus on you attract. If this is true I guess I should focus on George Michael more often.


I am not a fan of sleepovers. I don’t like them, I certainly don’t encourage them. In my opinion a sleepover means having to be alert 24hours a day. It means you can’t switch off or take anytime out because effectively you are on duty all night long. Someone else has trusted you with their child, and you in turn have to make sure that that child feels happy, safe and comfortable.

But there is an unexplainable allure to sleepovers especially when you are a kid and I really can’t understand why that is . Perhaps it is the knowledge that they will get to stay up late, for let’s be honest a sleepover should really be called a stay up as most children use them as an excuse to stay up most of the night anyway , talking or playing on the Xbox or Playstation.

I don’t just dislike sleepovers at my house, I dislike sleepovers period. I don’t like my children staying over at other peoples house either. The reason is that as a natural worrier I worry the whole time they are gone about whether or not they are ok. I like having my children home safely with me, I like to be able to go into their rooms at night when things always seems just that tiny bit scarier and see their angelic faces sound asleep.

Tonight my daughter is sleeping over at a friends house, I have known the family for many years through the school and they seem like lovely people, but that does little to stop me worrying and thinking about her, it’s like a piece of me is missing and this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach will not subside until she comes home this afternoon.



So if hubby’s snoring wasn’t bad enough, Dexter has started snoring now too!! We are not talking deep heavy breathing, no, I mean full blown snores, the kind that up until last night only my husband was capable of producing.

Through the years I’ve learnt to sleep through hubby’s snoring, at times I even find it to be comforting, but Dexters snoring is quite new, and hard to ignore. My poor puppy is getting older he is 7 years old now which is like almost 50 in dog years.

I researched dogs snoring on line and it turns out that there are many reasons why Dexter could be snoring, anything from sinus infection, to hayfever, tumours and even dental problems . It could even, and I hate to admit this, but I think this is the most likely explanation, very simply be that Dexter is just too fat. For a little dog with skinny legs he does have a very round body.

So my plan of attack will have to be that we will ration the treats that Dexter gets, and maybe portion control of his breakfast and dinner might be a good idea as well. Longer walks with Spring finally here that shouldn’t be too hard, the kids will be playing outside a lot more so Dexter will get a work out there, and you know what if all else fails there is always ear muffs.