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Wonderful weekend 

Had such a good but extremely busy weekend. Saturday I got to visit the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show at the beautiful Carlton gardens and Exhibition building. As always it was a spectacular display of flowers and plants, sculptures and garden ornaments. There were the breathtaking gardens and anything you could think of for the avid gardener and those like us just wanting a nice day out. 
Sunday was another wonderful day at the soccer. We went to see Melbourne Victory take on the Newcastle Jetts. Perfect weather, lovely venue and a good show by both teams saw the game end in a draw. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too, it’s off to bed early for me tonight. 


Winning is not everything!!

We played against our nemesis team at seven a side soccer tonight. This team is very competitive and very rough! 
Unfortunately we only had 6 players tonight as two of our boys were unwell, so you would think that the opposition would also play only 6 players to make the game fair but no they did not! That’s just what they are like.
You can’t imagine how good it felt then when our boys – the underdogs – scored the first goal of the match!! 

By half time the opposition has scored twice making the score 2-1 in their favour. They were so angry that our boys were fighting back, it was actually quite funny to watch. 

One of our boys actually told them to calm down as the whistle for half time sounded.

We lost in the end 6-1 but the score does not in the least reflect how awesome the boys played. I couldn’t have been more proud of each and every one of them. 

Soccer is back 

So I’m feeling a little disappointed , they announced the two teams for soccer today, there is the A team and of course the B team and as you would expect everyone wants to be on the A team. 

Well not everyone, some kids just want to play soccer with their friends and thankfully my son falls into this category. 
I can’t help feeling bad though for all the boys that did want to get in to the A team though but didn’t make it. There were some very sad faces around the club this afternoon and that goes for both kids and parents.
Hopefully by next Tuesday when training resumes again, everyone will be happy and excited for the new season.  I have put my hand up to be manager for the B team, I’m  sure it will be a challenging  but also rewarding role. 

Soccer season is back

First soccer match for the season, and although it was just a practice grading match and under harsh conditions of extreme heat, it was fun all the same and a great way to kick off the soccer season.

Poor Harry had to play with a sore eye, the sweat that was pouring off his brow was causing his injured eye to sting throughout the game, but he soldiered on and was able to play a great game.

I have been looking forward to the soccer season, last years season was really good, all the boys bonded and played so well together, and all the parents got on really well as well. I kind of wish they would just leave the teams as they are and not need to grade or mixed teams up, but I guess that would not be fair to the stand out players that deserve to go up a grade.