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Natural Remedies for Dogs with Allergies

Natural remedies for Dogs with Allergies

A lady at work recently shared with me her story of her poor dog that was suffering from an allergic reaction to some chemicals that they had sprayed around the outside of their home as a barrier to creepy crawlies. As a result her dog had broken out in a severe rash all over its body and was in terrible discomfort.
It got me thinking about all the people who have pets /dogs that do suffer with allergies especially around spring and summer time.
In fact I barely know of anyone whose pet has not suffered some form of allergy whether that be licking/ chewing its feet, red spots on its tummy, itchy ears, or some other reason for scratching.
Allergies can cause extreme discomfort in our pets and in some cases even pain. With Vet bills being so high, I have decided to do some research into cheaper more environmentally and pocket friendly solutions to help our beloved pets overcome these allergies.
Apple Cider Vinegar – Put some apple cider vinegar into a spray bottle and then spray it directly onto dogs skin. This will relieve any itchiness and redness. – Dilute Vinegar with equal parts of water if the skin is already broken. If your dog is suffering from itchy ears or ear infection then a few drops of apple cider into your dog’s ear will help to relieve this.

Baking Soda – mix baking soda and water and spray onto your dog to relieve itchy skin (this is especially effective for insect bites) – Baking soda can also be added to bath water.

Asprin Solution – Dissolve two aspirin tablets in one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. In a second cup dunk a tea bag in warm water. Mix the two solutions and allow to cool. Use cotton ball to apply the mixture to the skin.

Oat meal – either mixed in the bath water, or made into a paste by mixing half part of water with half part of oatmeal and apply to skin, leave for about 10 mins and rinse off.

All these methods are safe, easy to prepare and easy to administer, and hopefully they will give your beloved pet some relief this season.