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Really Melbourne????

Not sure what is going on with the weather at the moment but this pretty much sums it up!! 



Sand Sculptures and sunshine


I’ve had a lovely weekend, busy but lovely. On Friday night we had family and friends over for a small celebration for the Twins birthday. Saturday I was working then I caught up with my sister. And today the weather was a glorious 25degrees so we headed done to the beach and visited the much publicised sand sculptures.

The theme of this year’s sand sculptures was ” Storyland” and there were at least a dozen or so sculptures made out of sand depicting story book characters. There were Mister Men, Harry Potter, Hairy Maclary, Postman Pat, Peter Rabbit, The Lion The Witch The wardrobe and more. We even had our photo taken on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Although the sculptures were very impressive the entry price was very steep, we were lucky enough to get our tickets at a discounted price which was just as well.

We spent the rest of the afternoon on the foreshore enjoy the sunshine. I am totally exhausted now we all are, thank god it’s school holidays here is Melbourne even though I still have to go to work tomorrow the fact that there is no school to prepare for just makes for a so much more relaxing evening.






Summer Holidays


The suffocating heat that continues to plague Melbourne has taken its toll. Today the temperature has reached an excessive 44 degrees, and we are all feeling the effects. No energy to do anything but swim in the pool and then relax and surf the blogosphere. Not a bad life really. Loving the summer holidays.



My Sunshine


So eldest son has gone to spend a few days with Grandmother and Grandfather who live quite far away and as a result don’t get to see the children as much as they and we would like. The other two however did not want to go , not because they would miss mum and dad but more to the point their creature comforts, like foxtel (cable tv), the computer, their X-Box and Wii and all their other toys.

I am very proud of eldest son, it was his choice, he wanted to spend some time with his grandparents, he has always been a lot more mature than the twins and this is just another display of that matureness, although he has only been gone a few hours I have had several texts messages, and a Facebook message so far. Is he missing us? I think maybe he is.

Even though the twins are quite adamant that they will have a much better time without eldest son, I’m sure that deep down they won’t, he is the sunshine of my life and theirs also. The world is a better place because he lights it up with his spunk, his cheeky nature and his heart of gold.