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Melbourne is shock after 11 year old murdered

Melbourne is in shock today after the senseless murder of an 11 year old boy by his father after cricket training last night. Although the details have yet to be released what we have so far heard is the the boys father attacked the poor child after his cricket training session in front of his team mates.

He brutally beat his own son with a cricket bat and then stabbed the little boy repeatedly with a knife. Police were unable to subdue the man with capsicum spray. When he finally turned on police they had no choice but to fire their weapons. The man died hours later in hospital. Counselling has been offered to all the children that witnessed this horrific event.

From what I have read the father had been estranged and had a history of family violence, in the last few years he had become homeless. Police believe that this was in fact premeditated.

As a parent I cannot get my head around this horrific event, it makes me sick in the stomach to think that a parent could do this to their own child.

Tonight as I check on my children sound asleep in their beds, I pray that they will always be safe and sound, healthy and happy. I pray too that this innocent boy will rest in peace.

Thank you


Not sure what happened yesterday but somehow I managed to break my all time record for visitors and views to my blog.

Don’t get me wrong I couldn’t be happier, it’s just that I don’t think I posted anything that was that noteworthy.

What I believe has happened today is what people refer to as search engine optimisation. This is the first time I have mentioned Facebook or social media in a post and certainly that first time I have used it as a category, and so this is what I assume to be the reason for the unmissable rise in my stats.

Regardless, I would like to thank everybody who stopped by, it has without a doubt really made my day, night and possibly week.

I am very honoured indeed to be part of the WordPress community.

Goodbye Indie R.I.P


It is with much sorrow that I write this post. Yesterday I learnt that my beloved friend Indie who I have written about before, sadly had to be put to sleep.

I am still processing and therefore do not have a very clear understanding of exactly what happened to Indie, but from what I am told she developed a swollen uterus (kind of like a prolapsed uterus) that was about to erupt at any moment. Surgery was the only option but the chances of her surviving the surgery and the sheer cost of it left my friend with no other option.

I guess I’m still in shock because I only just saw Indie a week ago when we went on our weekly walk and she seemed happy as ever, excited to see me, no sign of anything being wrong. I’m told that she seemed to go downhill a couple of days before Christmas, and that by Christmas Day she was off her food.

I have since googled prolapsed uterus in dogs, but I’m not convinced this is what killed Indie. I guess I will know more when I catch up with my friend in a couple of days. From what I hear the vet that tended to Indie was not very nice at all, I’m sure ill do a post on this in time but today I just wanted to pay tribute to a special soul who experienced so much pain and suffering in her short life, and yet despite this remained kind and gentle, she had even begun to trust people again. It just doesn’t seem fair really does it?

Goodbye Indie, thank you for your friendship, for your affection. I’ll miss our walks and our time together. I’ll miss the funny grunting noises you use to make and the cute way you would hobble over to me in excitement eager to set off on our walks. Rest In Peace my friend.


The Human Cargo

Today I went to the Italian Film Festival and watched the documentary The Human Cargo it was a sad and very confronting piece of history shown through the eyes of people who actually experienced it.

The story was not known to me I’m ashamed to say, despite the fact that I was living in neighbouring Greece at the time, but in 1991 20,000 Albanian people desperate to flee Albania which was struggling with economic, social and political upheaval and start a new life for themselves in Italy seized the opportunity and boarded a Cuban vessel that had docked in Durres to unload sugar and after clamouring on board forced the Captain to take them to Italy where they hoped to start new lives.

I can’t comprehend how Reckless some of these people were. Many left behind family, children even, and without a moments hesitation or thought climbed on board. They had no luggage, no knowledge of where this would lead, or what they would have to endure only the hope of starting a new life in Italy spurring them on.

We heard one passenger explain how as he got to the boat he spotted his parents and sister already aboard the vessel and how he had started to cry. They were going to leave him behind, he was only 10years old at the time. How desperate must these people have been? I cannot even fathom this, to leave your children behind. Never.

Out of the 20,000 people that docked in Bari 16,500 were sent back, but not before they had to endure, thirst, hunger, loss of dignity, imprisonment, fear. It was truly heartbreaking. 1,500 people escaped into the population, many of them ending up fleeing to other countries.

I guess it just reinforced what I already know and that is how fortunate I am to live in such an amazing country, Australia really is the lucky country.

Sweet Dreams

Last night I dreamt of George Michael. It is no secret that I absolutely adore George Michael so naturally I did not want to wake up this morning.

In my dream George Michael was taking a break from music and was working in his parent’s pet shop (imagine that, George Michaels parents just happened to have a pet shop filled with animals – what are the chances that I’d dream of two things that I love), anyway naturally I spent endless hours at that pet shop helping out and just hanging out with George Michael. It was a great dream.

The subconscious is a strange and wonderful thing. It deceives us by making things or situations appear so real, even when they are totally ludicrous. They say that when we sleep our subconscious will try to sometimes sort out our life issues through our dreams. If this is true I wonder what last nights dream was all about ??

The obvious things that stand out about last nights dream were the family connection, family is always foremost on my mind no surprises there. The animals, again no surprise I love animals, I am constantly surrounded by them. I also remember thinking in my dream that George Michael had gained a few pounds again no mystery, I could certainly stand to lose a few kilos myself and with spring here I know I’ve been thinking about that a fair bit.

So this dream it would seem was just my subconscious sorting through the things that are foremost on my mind and playing it all out in this weird and yet strangely wonderful dream.

According to the so called ‘experts,’ what you focus on you attract. If this is true I guess I should focus on George Michael more often.