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Bring on the summer!!

Today the kids had their first swim it’s only October and we are swimming already!! The forecast this year is for a long hot summer, and I for one cannot wait!! 

There is something about summer time that makes you want to smile. Makes you want to be outside sipping Spritz (delicious Italian cocktail) talking and laughing with family and friends. 


Freak accident

You never know what will happen from one minute to the next – today I was once again reminded of this.

The weather has been nice and warm so when the kids asked if they could go swimming in mum and dads pool I thought why not. No sooner had we arrived and they had jumped in, a freak accident occurred. Madelyn accidentally kicked Harry in the eye, resulting in a deep gash on his eyelid.

Fortunately the doctor was able to glue the eye instead of stitching it. I don’t know how he would have coped with stitches, the gluing looked scary enough.

Poor Madelyn felt really bad but it was just an accident and fortunately he will be ok, it looks puffy and red at the moment but give it a few days and he will be as good as new.