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Tough day at the office 

Tough day at the office this weekend at basketball!! The one thing the team had going for them, the one thing that gave them an edge above the competition is that they were a close knit team, kind of one for all and all for one. But in the last few weeks something has tipped the scales and the dynamics are all out. At this weeks game there was a massive blue between two of the boys, they almost came to blows!! How can we win any games when the team is bickering like this? Instead of focusing on each other’s weaknesses they should be appreciating each other’s strengths the unique qualities that each person brings to the team. 

So on Tuesday I have arranged for the boys to do a team bonding session at the boxing gym that I attend and love! I’m hoping that some time together to just have fun and work off some of those frustrations and some of that testosterone overload will helpfully help to mend the rift and gets us back on track.

Here’s hoping.


Skills, Drills and Special Plays

I attended a skills drills and special plays workshop today with Trevor Gleeson who is the coach of the Perth Wildcats and I have to say that it was really great.
He has so much passion and knowledge, the session was fun and informative and very entertaining.
My only wish was that my son had attended the workshop with me he would have found it to be so beneficial and he would have loved it. 
Some of the drills and plays would be a bit advance for the majority of the boys on my team but not for all of them and certainly not for George.

Tomorrow at training I will try and introduce some of the things that I picked up tonight, hopefully it will help us going forward in the season. 

Grading games are now over and the season is set to commence. What our boys have above the rest of the competition is that they are all great mates, and when they play they play for each other. So they may not be the best team in their division or the most skilful, they certainly don’t have the best coach, but they have a bond which gives them an edge above the competition and sometimes that’s all it takes.
Go Bulls !!!

Feeling relieved!!

Well today was my first night as basketball coach for my sixteen year olds basketball team. 

I have been having many sleepless nights worrying about my crazy decision to put my hand up to be coach this season.
After much researching last night I finally put together my training plan which I meticulously went over with my son. 
But anyone who has every spent hours putting together a plan, any sort of plan, will tell you that things just never go according to plan!!
Tonight things went better than planned, better than I was expecting!! I am a lucky girl that’s for sure. My dear friend (who incidentally put her hand up as team manager to support me) turned up tonight to help out with her son who also plays basketball and is wanting to get into coaching, so did one of the other dads along with his son also a basketball player. 
Together the 5 of us took the boys through various drills and had lots of fun as well. So tonight I feel so optimistic!! All that stress has been washed away!!  I feel hopeful that the boys are going to have a good season. First game is on Saturday, the thought is no longer terrifying. What a relief!!  

Soccer is back 

So I’m feeling a little disappointed , they announced the two teams for soccer today, there is the A team and of course the B team and as you would expect everyone wants to be on the A team. 

Well not everyone, some kids just want to play soccer with their friends and thankfully my son falls into this category. 
I can’t help feeling bad though for all the boys that did want to get in to the A team though but didn’t make it. There were some very sad faces around the club this afternoon and that goes for both kids and parents.
Hopefully by next Tuesday when training resumes again, everyone will be happy and excited for the new season.  I have put my hand up to be manager for the B team, I’m  sure it will be a challenging  but also rewarding role.