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Impossible is not a fact



Need a weekend to recover from my weekend 

I had a very busy but very good weekend!! It started with a movie night with the girls on Friday – we watched Trainwreck which although funny I found quite sad. Saturday was basketball and my boys had a convincing win!! There are moments of brilliance in their game and other moments that are just cringe worthy but on Saturday the moments of brilliance out weighed! Saturday night my sister and a dear friend and her daughter came over for pizza and drinks, Sunday started with a gruelling boxing session then a friendly soccer game followed by football match grand-final, visit to mum and dads, and then back home to prepare dinner and get everything ready for school and work tomorrow!! Seriously I need another weekend just to recover from my weekend!!! 

Words parents should never use 

So turns out I am too old to use certain words – who would have thought?? But according to my teenage son – who by the way knows absolutely everything – there are just some words that old parents such as myself should never use because and I quote “they are young words and you are old”
These words include : Hectic, Cool, Dude and Dog – what the??
Apparently all these words and many others, do not mean the same thing to teenagers that they mean to us old or older folk!! 

It’s hard because on the outside I may not look like a teenager anymore but somewhere deep inside I still remember what it was like being one and at times I even feel like I did when I was one. Thank goodness I now have teenagers to remind me that my young days are long gone!!