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Travel bug 


Is it too soon to be thinking about another holiday, I mean we have only just come back from Italy ?
It seems like everywhere I look or anyplace I go I keep coming across these amazing holiday deals!! Paris on sale for $1449, New Zealand, Tokyo, Vanuatu. Temptation is everywhere!!! 

Once you have been bitten by the travel bug it’s hard to not think about travelling – time to start saving up again!

Up up and away

My gorgeous nephew left for Athens last night!! He is off to visit the other half of his family and even though we are all excited for him to be going overseas we can’t help knowing that we will miss him terribly. Christmas will not be the same without him.

We are so lucky now a days that the world has become a seemingly smaller place and communicating with loved ones all over the world is so much easier these days.

Tonight as we wait for him to make contact and let us know that he has arrived safely at his destination I can’t help feeling a twinge of sadness, it’s going to be 10 weeks before he is back home again, seems like such a long time doesn’t it?