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I stumbled across Barkbox yesterday while scrolling through Pintrest and was instantly intrigued and of course had to share. What a wonderful idea indeed. For a not too extravagant fee one can now arrange for a box full of treats to be delivered on a monthly basis for the family dog.

Imagine the surprise, the joy, when this box of goodies arrives. From what I was able to see you can choose what you would like to have included in your monthly Barkbox, that way your beloved pet will never get bored.

The company offer free shipping and 10% of sale goes towards an animal rescue group. It’s definitely worth finding out more that’s for sure.


Giving pills to cats is such a nightmare – pill pockets could be the answer


So I have been looking after my friends pets while she is interstate visiting her sister. One of her cats Nibbles a gorgeous tortoiseshell girl who is about 19 years old is suffering from kidney failure, which means she needs to take special medication everyday to help her kidneys function.

When my friend showed me how to give Nibbles her tablets it seemed easy enough. You put the tablet in the syringe looking thingy, hold the cats mouth open and pop the tablet as far back into her mouth as possible, you then hold the cats mouth gently closed for a couple of seconds while she swallows the tablet. Easy.

My first attempt was quite successful although I did struggle to operate that syringe looking thingy. But since then I just can’t get it to work. After several botched attempts yesterday, I gave up and just popped the tablet into the cats mouth using my hand. Today was even worse, Nibbles just kept spitting it back out.

Surely there must a an easy way to give cats tablets or any medication for that matter, so I did some research and aside from the obvious crushing the tablets up and sprinkling them over the food ( which by the way is not recommended for all tablets so you will need to consult your vet if you are considering this option). There is the syringe looking thingy which I found out is called a Pill Shooter and although this is one of the preferred ways of administering tablets to cats, speaking from experience it is not all that user friendly. There were suggestions of wrapping the tablets in food such as luncheon meat, or hiding it in liverwurst but what I believe is the best idea is something called a Pill pocket.

These perfect size treats have a convenient hole in the centre for the pill to be placed and the treat is then moulded around it, so that your cat feels it is being rewarded with a treat when in actual fact it is merely taking its medicine in a happy, stress free manner. I guess hiding tablets in butter or liverwurst is kind of the same but these pill pockets are designed so that if the cat does spit out the pill it remains relatively intact.

Pill pockets are available for dogs too which is great and they are relatively inexpensive eBay has three 45 packs of pill pockets for $17 US. Not too bad for peace of mind.

I will definitely be recommending these to my friend when she gets back from her trip. Anything that reduces an animals stress I am all in favour of.



Home Alone


Check out this awesome new invention. I would love to have one of these installed at my house not only for Dexter but for my cats too. How great would it be to be able to see them while I am at work and see what they get up too, but also to be able to send them a treat or two.

I found this on Facebook yesterday and after some research on the internet I found out that this particular camera is from a company called PetChatz and it retails for around $349 US, so not bad at all.