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School camp 

My daughter is off to camp tomorrow morning, so today we spent the day getting everything she needed packed and ready.
True to female form, despite having a cupboard full of clothes she just couldn’t find anything she was happy to take along with her. We made a mad dash to our nearest shopping mall and spent a few hours shopping and laughing and came back with a few things that she was happy with. 
I’m so going to miss her and our girl time!! Our movie time!! Thank goodness it’s only two and half days!! 

The boys will miss her too I’m sure, so will her dad and all the pets. The house is sure going to be really  quiet. 

I’ve taken the morning off so I can see her off, I’m just hoping that I will not embarrass her too much by getting too emotional. Hurry up Wednesday!!! 


Travel bug 


Is it too soon to be thinking about another holiday, I mean we have only just come back from Italy ?
It seems like everywhere I look or anyplace I go I keep coming across these amazing holiday deals!! Paris on sale for $1449, New Zealand, Tokyo, Vanuatu. Temptation is everywhere!!! 

Once you have been bitten by the travel bug it’s hard to not think about travelling – time to start saving up again!

12 days till Italy 

Only 12 days to go now till our much awaited holiday in Italy!!! It’s so close we can almost taste it!! Today we started going through what clothes we will need to take with us and tomorrow I am picking up the suitcases from my mums. 

There is still a few things we need to do, but the excitement is mounting and quite frankly, I can’t wait!!!! 

Last cab to Darwin

I saw a lovely movie yesterday it was called “Last Cab to Darwin” an Australian film starring Michael Caton. 

It was sad and yet funny at the same time. It was actually based on a true story which made it all the more sad. 

I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, I just wanted to say that if you are thinking of going to see a movie and you aren’t sure of what to see don’t look past “Last cab to Darwin.” 



Celebration time!! Our Italy accommodation is all booked finally!!! Our travel agent is a gem!!! Well both our travel agents are gems!! All that remains is the Dubai stopover to be organised and we are set!! There are only 79 days to go now!! Come on September!!!! 

The Hitchhiker 

I saw a hitchhiker today – I think that’s the first one I have ever seen – well in real life anyway I’ve seen plenty of them in movies and I’ve seen enough to know that it never turns out well for the person in the car that stops to help  – he was standing on the side of the road in Upper Ferntree Gully right on the bendy bit which goes up to Belgrave or left to Olinda and he was trying to flag a ride. I honestly didn’t think people actually did that anymore, I mean who would be silly enough to stop and give him a lift? He could very well have been a psychopath for all I know. 

I couldn’t help wondering about him though as I drove past and because the weather was so terrible today I hoped for his sake that someone would stop and give him a ride, because hopefully he was just a regular person like you and I who had found himself in need of a lift.

One step closer 

Well I’m one step closer to going to Italy tonight, because today I lodged and paid for my passport. Yay!!

It was rather funny in a kind of sad way – when I showed the lady my birth certificate she gasped at how old it looked! I had to remind her that I am no spring chicken – mind you this young lady would have been all of what twenty two.
So now it’s just a matter of waiting out the two to three weeks that it takes for the passport to arrive. I can’t tell you how excited I am. 
Italy here I come !!!

Italy, here I come. 

Later this year I am going to Italy!! I have been planning this trip with my sister ever since we were teenage girls sharing a bedroom together.

The plan was that we would go when my sister turns 50. Well my sister is turning 50 this year in August,  so our trip has been booked for September. However instead of the girls trip we always imagined, my husband (who is also turning 50 in December ) and my brother, are coming along as well. My motto is and has always been, the more the merrier, so I really can’t wait, this is going to be such a fun trip. 
But here’s the problem, I don’t have a current passport and my prospects for getting a new passport for a while have not looked good. I changed my name after I married my husband and took on my husbands name as many people do, but the marriage certificate we were given on our wedding day does not have a registration number and without that I cannot get my passport. My husband is going to pay a visit to  the Births, Deaths and Marriages office and hopefully get a copy of a marriage certificate with an actual registration number on it and maybe then I will be able to finally get my passport and make it to Italy.
Fingers crossed, otherwise it looks like the others will be going without me.