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Last day in Ulladulla

Last day at Ulladulla, and even though the weather has not been as lovely as it has the past few days, we still managed to have a great time. We played squash for the first time ever, can’t believe how tiring it is, we hit the spa again, had lunch at the golf club, and finished off the day at Funland which is a kids paradise. All in all it has been a wonderful mini vacation, the kids have had fun and so have we. It will be nice to go home to hubby and all my pets, and from what I hear Melbourne is due for some lovely warm weather so feeling very happy. 🙂






Ulladulla – Day 2

Day 2 at Ulladulla has been action packed. We woke up bright and early and spent the day enjoying the glorious sunshine. We visited the town centre. Played tennis, and pool. The kids swam in the swimming pool while we relaxed nearby sunning ourselves and enjoying the serenity. We had a beautiful lunch at the Golf club at Mollymook overlooking the ocean. Then came back and had more fun, more tennis, more swimming, table tennis and finished off with a glorious soak in the spa. It doesn’t get better than this. 🙂



Ulladulla – day 1

Arrived in Ulladulla after an almost 10 hour road trip and are celebrating with champagne. We had a spa bath earlier which was lovely and relaxing. We tried to go out for dinner but somehow we managed to lose the town. Drove up and down the highway looking for it with no luck, in the end we came back to our cabin and just ordered pizza. Can’t wait to go exploring tomorrow.