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Sydney day two

Day two in Sydney and the weather really let us down today and wouldn’t you just know it, the sun is out in Melbourne. Arrgh

Today we did the touristy attractions, Circular Quay, Sydney Opera house and Harbour bridge. We even took the ferry across to Manly and spent a few hours exploring.

I must say that I found the Opera House very disappointing. As spectacular as it is on the outside the inside is sadly quite a let down. I was expecting opulence, red velour carpet and big crystal chandelier’s what I found instead was a lot of concrete and not much else.

Climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge was an experience, the views from up there were just magnificent!!

Despite the rain and the grey gloomy sky above we managed to have another fun filled action packed, totally exhausting day. Time to soak my weary feet, Sydney sure has a lot of stairs.







A weekend in Sydney

Today I am in beautiful sunny Sydney, away from the freezing cold weather of Melbourne , taking in the sights of this gorgeous city with my brother and sister.

This has become something of a tradition for us now, once a year the three of us get away for a fun filled weekend. It’s a great chance to catch up and enjoy each other’s company while exploring new places.

We visited Darling harbour and the gorgeous Chinese garden. We saw Alphie the giant inflatable turtle whose presence in the harbour marks the beginning of the Undersea Art Exhibition held at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. Artist BJ Harvey hopes that his thought provoking creation will spark conversation and debate about the health and longevity of our reefs. Alphie’s arrival marks the beginning of the Undersea Art Exhibition held at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium.

Tonight we are off to the infamous Star casino.

Happy Friday everyone πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€





Time wasted

Going to the hairdresser is the most boring of experiences when you are a women it is literally 2 to 3 hours of sitting around doing nothing reading through old magazines or in my case playing on my phone.

There was a time not so long ago that I actually cherished this time away from home and the kids of course they were a lot younger then and it was literally the only chance I had to just sit and relax while someone else washed and colored my hair and transformed me into a prettier version of myself.

Nowadays though my children are older so I do have more time for me , more time to read a magazine or a good book if I like. Thus the 2 or three hours spent sitting around at the hairdresser are no longer a luxury but a necessity.

I still love the end product I just wish that I could walk in walk out and look fabulous without having so sacrifice so much of my day.

Another lovely Sunday

Another lovely Sunday filled with soccer and kids and family. If it wasn’t for the freezing cold temperature I would say it was a perfect Sunday. Still the sun was shinning and the ducted heating was cranked up to max and my husband pulled off another super delicious roast pork which is his specialty.

I hope everyone else had a lovely Sunday too filled with good times, family and friends.





Need to get motivated

Well it’s Sunday night again here in exceptionally chilly Melbourne and even though I had a relatively quiet weekend planned, I still didn’t manage to do any writing. Arrrggghh

For some reason I just wasn’t at all productive this weekend. Maybe it’s cause I’m fighting a cold, and feel a bit tired, or it could just be because it was sooo cold, I’m sure I could come up with many more excuses if I tried.

The weekend was not a total waste though, I did manage to rearrange my boys bedroom, and make the most awesome dish that the gorgeous talented Elaine from Foodbod shared and it was just delicious! And I completed the 30 day Facebook Ab challenge.

So all in all it was not a bad weekend, unfortunately I will need to get motivated to get back to writing, my column is due on the 11th July so I have less than two weeks to put it all together, but it is school holidays now which means a lot less running around and a lot more time for writing. Have a great week everyone 😊😊


An evening full of burlesque

Yesterday I went to see our Zumba instructor do her burlesque routine at The Greyhound hotel which is a iconic hotel in St. Kilda. I wasn’t really sure what to expect even though I had seen our instructors routine at Zumba class a few times.

The venue was packed, and there were people of all ages. All the performers had brought along their families and friends to cheer them on and help raise funds for the Beyond Blue foundation, which is an initiative to raise funds for people suffering from anxiety and depression.

It was a two hour show, filled with women of all shapes and sizes celebrating their bodies through self expression. Burlesque dancing is not for everyone, I know that I could never do it, but I really admired those ladies last night, they were so at ease with themselves, each one was unique and beautiful in their own way.

The evening ended with a unique twist, a wedding, between the hostess of the show and her Romeo that she had met online. It was romantic end to a lovely night.