Not again!! 

I dropped my iPhone again!!! Grrrr and Yep you guessed it smashed the screen, again!!!! So now there is not only a half moon crack across the bottom half of the screen but there is also a shattered bit in the bottom left corner. 
I am tossing up whether to get the screen replaced but I just keep thinking what’s the point if I’m just going to be dropping it again!!
Might be time to get one of those super hard trade’s cases again!!! 


9 thoughts on “Not again!! 

  1. I use such a boring and annoying hard case thingy, since I failed to throw it in my bag…and I always thought the display is made with magic stuff now and can get overrun by a tank…seems there are some pants on fire at apple :o)

  2. helicopter that I flew before switching services back in Nam. My phone cover is UGLY, but built like a Rhinoceros, haven’t broken this screen like last 3. (((((((((((((( new case or find out to retrofit Wings so it doesn’t bump it’s delicate facing. (Reminds me of old “If frogs had wings…..)

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