One week in… 

This year has started off a lot more eventful than I was expecting. Doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a bad thing it just means it’s different, that’s all. There is something in the atmosphere that has me treading cautiously. 
I was thinking about that today as my daughter reached another milestone in her life. Today was a day to be joyous, a day to celebrate, and yet I couldn’t help feeling a little sad – not sure if sad is the right word maybe apprehensive is a better fit. 

Anyway my intention to wing it this year is still steadfast – what will be will be, time to stop worrying and start enjoying I think. 


9 thoughts on “One week in… 

  1. Just let go, breathe, and release any expectations you have 🙂 I see all milestones as both momentous and happy – and with a bit of sadness and apprehension! I think it is totally possible to have all of those emotions around an event! Mr. T hits a birthday and it’s wonderful, but at the same time, it marks that times are changing! He’s about to graduate High School and is preparing for college… and again, I’m so happy and very much filled with apprehension!
    So, I hope you find peace, and not let worry steal the happiness from your day!

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