Another week over

It’s funny how quickly times flies when you are having fun, and how it just seems to drag during the week when it’s all work and school.

Well our mini family holiday is over which means it’s back to work for me tomorrow, and even though I am one of those people that actually enjoy their job, I can’t say I’m really looking all that forward to going back.

It has been so lovely not having to worry about waking up early, or cooking or cleaning, the last 6 days have really just been about having fun, relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Alas though all good things must come to an end, and today in preparation of the week ahead I spent the majority of my day catching up on the laundry. Thankfully the weather here in Melbourne has been warm and windy, perfect washing weather. I’m relaxing now with a pre dinner drink, taking a moment to go over all that I have to do this coming week.

Fortunately it’s still school holidays and lucky for me, my husband has the week off, so hopefully he will be able to entertain the kids while I am at work.

What is even better still, is that dinner has been taken care of tonight. We had the family over yesterday for a BBQ while we watched the Grand Final Aussie Rules footy game so leftovers it is tonight. Hope everyone in the blogosphere had a wonderful weekend.






16 thoughts on “Another week over

  1. Wouldn´t it be nice to work in something you love and get paid for it. Because I find that my days pass too quickly when I´m writing and reading about how to write a novel, market it, and the rest, plus my two books that I just bought. For me that´s all work but seems I´m broke if I only stick with that. But in working lets say construction as I´ve had before days dragged on forever but I got a good pay.

    By the way, nice seeing happy happy family there in the pic´s. Beautiful setting and garden plus the photo of the food………hummm, by stomach is talking now. And the guy with the tattoos, gotta tell him if he can ink me for free, or a very small price, it´s too expensive here.

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