So much to be thankful for

Today I am thankful for many things. I am happy that I have my beautiful
little car back and it looks better than ever, in fact it looks brand new again. (Unfortunately this shiny clean look won’t last long knowing my kids, but for today I am happy to have it back).

I am thankful that it is Friday which means the working week is over and it’s time to enjoy quality time with family and friends.

I’m thankful that the freak hail and storms seem to be behind us and the sunshine is back for the weekend.

I guess the only thing I am not thankful for is Telstra – our telephone and internet provider. We have been without a phone line and most importantly without internet access since Monday and it really is driving us a little batty, the kids are fighting more because they are bored and my iphone has already used over half it’s allocated monthly usage something that never ever happens.

Still I’m thankful that I have my iphone so I can still read all the blogs I enjoy so much.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


10 thoughts on “So much to be thankful for

    1. Yes, unfortunately there is room for lots of improvement where Telstra is concerned, this is the second time this month we have been without a phone line /internet this month, the last outage lasted 4 days, it’s already been 5 days now. 😦

  1. And we’re all grateful that the tree didn’t take you out when it came to rest in your back yard. Can relate to the Testra issue as when we were at Sarina Beach and there was a problem power and phones came to us last as we were out of the way with no major services in the area. It was horrible, especially for my husband who was going slowly insane from lack of hot coffee. Take care xx Jen

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