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Friday at last 

Another week is over!! This week was really a short week because of the Labour Day long weekend but there was a lot on and it felt a lot busier than normal too, which kind of makes me sigh in relief that weekend is here!!

What better way to celebrate a hectic week than with some down time with family. So tonight we hit beautiful Belgrave ( which is like a second home these days) and visited the old world charm Cameo cinema and watched the new Will Smith movie Focus.
I really enjoyed the movie it was fun and full of action, I would recommended it for anyone wanting to see a good film that’s fun and guaranteed to keep the boys happy not just the girls. 
So happy weekend WordPress!! 

Echidna crossing 

An echidna crossing the road is not something  you see every day, but in beautiful Belgrave, Echidnas are just part of the beautiful scenery.

Today I was reminded yet again what an absolute joy animals are. After what can only be described as a horrific day yesterday to be able to just pause along with the rest of the traffic and just watch that beautiful little echidna waddle across the road was just so delightful, it lifted my spirits and brought the first genuine smile to my face since yesterday.
No wonder I prefer animals to people, animals make the world a better place, they are genuine and honest. 

Beautiful Belgrave

Madelyn’s new school is in beautiful Belgrave, nestled in amongst the mountain tops, every time I drive up there which is pretty much every morning and afternoon these days, I can’t help but feel so taken with the views. Belgrave has such a beautiful country feel, I think it is the heart of the foothills not just the gateway to the Dandenong Ranges. Quaint shops, old world charm cinema and puffing billy (an old steam train ) are only some of the attractions on offer here. For the past week or so, every morning I have noticed a man – dressed like a nomad – someone who wanders around the desert, equip with a unique walking stick with skull head on top, patch over one eye like a pirate and turban on his head. Every time I see this man I can’t help but wonder what his story is? Why is he dressed this way? What’s with the walking stick? So I did some research and my strange nomad has name and a Facebook page I might add – he is Baba Desi The Wizard of Belgrave, an iconic figure, 85 years old who is an activist, a humanitarian and a healer. I was thinking that interviewing him would make a great story for the local paper but turns out he has been interviewed many many times, he sounds like an amazing man who has helped others, I can’t wait to see him tomorrow now that I know his story my curiosity about him has been replaced with admiration. Just one more thing to love about Belgrave I guess.