Happy Birthday Nut


Yesterday we celebrated Nut’s 8th birthday with a Hawaiian themed birthday party. All the dogs dressed up in colourful lays, so did some of the guests,and we all enjoyed drinking Piña Colada’s (non alcoholic Of course in the children’s case) and eating yummy food and having a wonderful time.

The birthday boy got spoilt with gifts and treats as did the other dogs even though it wasn’t their birthday.

I know that for some people it is strange to host a party for a dog but in my family it is just something we like to do. Any excuse to get together with our beloved pets, which are valued family members, is always well received and a great time is generally had by all.

So Happy Birthday Nut, I hope you had a great night, Dexter was thoroughly exhausted when we go home, and has spent most of today sleeping.













18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nut

  1. A doggy birthday party looks like the best kind of party. When I was a kid, I always hung out with the dogs instead of the people at big gatherings. Your little ones, furry and otherwise, look very happy!

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